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Runescape magic leveling guide f2p

Updated on February 10, 2012


Magic is one of runescapes most important skills. It is great for pvp, making money, or even just traveling faster. It is a skill that can be used by anyone, and it makes your time in runescape a lot easier. In this guide I will teach you how to level up your magic on an f2p world. I will also assume you have enough money to buy the necessary runes. If you don't, you can take a look at my money making guide for help.

I will create this guide for easy reference. If you are looking to reach a particular level, you can skip to that part of the guide (for example: if you are looking to reach 33 magic from 20, you can skip to the 20-33 section).

Magic level-

1-20: This part is very easy. To begin, buy 762 water runes,508 earth runes, 24 wind runes, 24 mind runes and 253 body runes (you do not have to buy the air and mind runes if you still have your free ones, just make sure you have at least 24). Or, if you prefer, buy an elemental staff (water or earth) and don't buy the runes for that element. You can buy the staffs in varrock. Once you have the runes, go to lumbridge and walk to the goblins or cows. Cast wind strike on them until you run out of runes (Tip: If you go to the cows, you can stand behind the fence and kill them using wind strike, if they are in range). You should now have level 3 magic. Next, walk to the river nearby. You should have seen it when you walked out of lumbridge castle. When you reach the river, you should notice some ducks. Click on your spell book icon and choose confuse. Keep casting confuse on the ducks (switch ducks every time you cast confuse so that you don't have to wait for it to wear off) until you reach level 11 magic. Then switch to weaken. By the time you run out of runes, you should have hit level 20 magic.

20-33:It's time to go to fist of guthix. You will find it in the wilderness north of varrock. I would suggest going to world 1 for this, since there are usually a lot of people there. The reason I suggest fist of guthix for leveling is because otherwise the cost of runes becomes very high. The aim of the mini game is to get more charges than your opponent. Once you enter, walk to the other side of the room and talk to the monster there. This will allow you to enter the fist of guthix area. Before you enter, put away everything other than equipment into your bank (there'll be a guy standing there who acts as a bank). After that, enter the waiting area. You may have to wait a couple of minutes here while more people enter. Once you have enough people, you will be transported to the fighting area. You will see a box saying you are either hunting (insert name here), or being hunted by (insert name here). If you are being hunted, click on the stone holder you should see nearby. You will now see something new in your inventory. Click on it and it will be equipped. If you do not have it equipped, you will not get charges. After you have equipped it, use the teleport orb you should have in your inventory to teleport to the center. When your opponent finds you and starts hitting you, use your bandages to heal. After you die, you will be transported back to the sides to hunt your opponent. Since you are hunting this time, you do not need to worry about the stone. Just run to the center. You will most likely see your opponent there ( check the mini map for a yellow arrow). If you do not see anyone run to the sides (check the North,south,east,and west sides). After checking each side, run to the middle to check for your opponent. If you can't find him, don't worry too much. Just wait in the middle, since that is where you get the most charges. When you see him, autocast your highest available damage spell on him. When he dies, you will be sent back to the fist of guthix lobby. Don't worry if you keep losing, when your magic level is higher, I promise you'll get tired of winning.

33-55: This is probably the most boring part of the whole process, and will take some time. You can go to my money making guide, and follow the guide for the magic way. This will provide you with a lot of money, while leveling your magic. The money will be important for later levels.

55-99: There is only one way to get to 99 quickly (as in not taking years) and that is by casting high alchemy. You should have a lot of money by now, so go to the grand exchange and buy some nature runes and an item to high alch. My suggestion would be mithril platebodies (at the time I wrote this guide, mithril platebodies were the best item to high alch. However, the price changes all the time, so you may want to ask someone you see high alching what the best item to high alch is). Place the item you are high alching onto the same slot that the high alchemy spell is on the spellbook (for example: if the high alchemy spell is on the third row and fourth column, place the item you are high alching into the third row and fourth column of your bag. Since the spellbook and inventory don't match up exactly, just make sure you can click the high alchemy spell and then the item without having to move your mouse). This way you do not need to pay a lot of attention to your screen and can read a book or do something else while clicking. Look up at your screen from time to time to make sure nothing happened. When you are done high alching all your items, go buy some more. Keep doing this until you are out of money. You should have a high magic level now (assuming you had a lot of money to begin with) so you can either go back to fist of guthix, or go back to making money. When you have more money, you can start high alching again. Either way, you will eventually reach 99 magic.

Congratulations on your 99 magic!
Congratulations on your 99 magic!


You can now amaze your friends by killing anyone you wish on bounty worlds, or by going one-on-one with the level 120 member and winning! Even if you didn't make your magic level very high, it is a very useful skill. Simply teleporting to varrock from lumbridge can save you a lot of time, and there are also new options open to you for making money. In the end, magic is perhaps one of the most useful skills in runescape. If you liked this guide or would like me to add something to it, please leave a comment.


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    • profile image

      ... 5 years ago

      This helped a lot! thanks!

    • profile image

      sumley lumley 5 years ago

      you and yout guide are stupid

    • profile image

      U rok 6 years ago

      Bice guide :)

    • profile image

      Noob 6 years ago

      Nice server pic at the end bro . . .

    • Balmung profile image

      Balmung 7 years ago

      Myth platebodies are good. Other than that, some other good ones are adamant platebodies and green dragonhide body.

    • profile image

      PowerP 7 years ago

      U maybe know other usefull items except mith platebodies, and how can u see when an item is good for alching?