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Ryu Vs Raiden

Updated on February 23, 2015

Ninja Showdown

Welcome! Today in Fantasy Fight, Ninja Gaiden's Ryu battles against Metal Gear Solid's Raiden in a contest to determine the ultimate ninja. Today we analyze their abilities, skills, and strategies and decide who will emerge victorious!

Note: I'll do my best to avoid spoilers for the games these two are from, but if you're interested in those stories, you may want to hold off on this Hub.

Rya Hayabusa
Rya Hayabusa | Source

History and Analysis: Ryu Hayabusa

Ryu Hayabusa was born into the Dragon lineage, requiring him to be taught the ways of the ninja. Instructed by caretaker Omitsu, Ryu honed his skills from an early age and quickly advanced beyond the level of his peers. As a full-fledged ninja armed with the Dragon Sword, he combats threats including terrorists groups, dictators, and rogue ninjas. Ryu is currently on good terms with the Mugen Tenshin clan, especially Ayane and Kasumi, whom you may recognize from the Dead or Alive series.

1. Speed/Reflexes. Ryu can react and move fast enough to block bullets from multiple weapons with his blade. He also demonstrates proficiency with acrobatic maneuvers, and easily can run up walls.

2. Strength. When putting all his energy into it, Ryu can lift an astounding 20 tons. He is more commonly seen easily brandishing a 100 pound sword as if it were light as a feather.

3. Advanced Senses. Ryu has honed all 5 senses to extreme levels. For example, he can focus his eyes to see far away enemies( or cheat on tricky biology tests.) Ryu even has a 6th sense that locates and warns of nearby dangers.

4. Endurance/Regeneration . Ryu's tough body guards from injury, and he can heal wounds by manipulating his life force.

5. Ninpo. Using spiritual energy, Ryu can perform a variety of dangerous techniques. These include constructing a shield made of flames, launching a whirlwind of ice shards, shooting lightning bolts at foes, summoning shadow clones that mimic Ryu's actions, and even a miniature black hole.

1. Dragon Sword. Ryu is proficient with many weapons, but favors his Dragon Sword, a mystical weapon legends say can cut through anything.

2. Windmill Shuriken. Like many ninja, Ryu carries throwing stars called shuriken. Unlike many ninja, Ryu's blades are capable of returning to him once thrown, similar to a boomerang. Just make sure you catch them with you hands, Ryu, not your face.

Ninja Gaiden's protagonist really isn't particularly weak to anything, although his Ninpo techniques drain his energy with each use.

Ryu rightfully deserves the title of master ninja. But can his prowess save him from the cybernetically-enhanced ninja Raiden?

Raiden with his synthetic enhancements.
Raiden with his synthetic enhancements. | Source

History and Analysis: Raiden

Young Jack (later codenamed Raiden) was born on a stormy day in Liberia at some point in the 1980s. He never knew his real parents, as they were soon murdered by a leader of the Liberian Civil War. That leader adopted Raiden, but forced him to fight as a child soldier. After years of trauma, the war ended, and Raiden successfully escaped to America. There, he joined the military, and he was selected to perform a solo mission that led to an event later called the Big Shell Incident. This incident introduced Raiden to Solid Snake, the legendary war veteran, and saw Raiden defeat several Metal Gear Rays (large, bipedal tanks) at once. After the incident ended, Raiden, having recently used a blade in addition to his usual guns, became fascinated with the art of swordplay, and honed his skills to master the weapon. Later, sent on a retrieval mission, Raiden was captured and used as a test subject for exoskeleton enhancement surgeries. These experiments resulted in increased capabilities, and Raiden ultimately escaped his prison, but the deformed man felt alienated from society. Raiden currently works to prevent the world from falling to pieces, and tries to manage his off and on relationship with love interest Rosemary.

1. Experience. Raiden's past as a childhood soldier and training in the military have given him a calm and analytic mind, even in crises. Also, the training gave proficiency with guns and especially blades.

2. Stealth/Tracking. Before his superhuman feats, Raiden relied on his sneaking skills to safely move from area to area. He is also an experienced tracker, likely even more efficient at hunting than Solid Snake.

2. Strength. Due to his exoskeleton surgeries, Raiden has become incredibly powerful, capable of lifting an estimated three thousand tons. Before his enhancements, he was skilled enough to defeat multiple Metal Gears; after, he's a one man army.

3. Endurance. Raiden's surgeries also made him incredibly resilient thanks to a body made of steel and enhanced muscle fibers. Raiden has survived falls from extreme heights, impalement, and losing multiple limbs (which are eventually replaced.)

4. Speed. Raiden's new body weighs far more than a normal human's, but his powerful muscles still allow him to move extremely quickly. He can run up walls and sprint more rapidly than any athlete.

5. Ambipedal. Raiden can hold and wield a sword with both feet, and is just as deadly while doing so. Additionally, if needed this maniac may even utilize a sword by gripping it with his teeth. He went through a phase, okay?

1. High-Frequency Blade. This powerful sword utilizes an alternating current that weakens the molecular bonds of any object (or person) the weapons slices. The weapon is very durable; it's shown blocking a chainsaw with no strain, and parrying a Metal Gear's giant sword without damage.

1. Water. Thanks to Raiden's heavy structure, he's hinted to be incapable of swimming. Just like every kid who visited the pool when I worked as a lifeguard.

Your Input

After reading about our two ninja, which do you think would beat the other?

See results


Each combatant will fight in a one-on-one match until one is killed, rendered helpless, or surrenders. We're having them use only a blade for their weapon; Ryu gets no secondary flails or staffs and Raiden get no guns. For the setting, picture a large yet deserted city, full of buildings for our combatants to scale. And now, lets begin our Fantasy Fight!

What a beautiful urban landscape. Alright, ninjas, tear this place up.
What a beautiful urban landscape. Alright, ninjas, tear this place up. | Source

And The Winner Is..

Raiden. In an exceptionally close match, Raiden barely defeats his opponent. Both combatants have similar speed and agility, and both are skilled with a blade. Ryu possesses some ranged attacks, giving him a slight tactical edge. However, Raiden bears a far more resilient body and can easily continue battling even if limbs are lost. This lets him hold out until his extreme physical strength scores the hit he needs to end the contest.

Raiden. He enjoys wielding a sword against tanks, shampoo, and long walks on the beach.
Raiden. He enjoys wielding a sword against tanks, shampoo, and long walks on the beach. | Source


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