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Sailor Moon Figuarts Figure Review

Updated on October 25, 2014

There are a lot of Sailor Moon figures out there, especially if you were to count the ones from the original anime’s run in Japan (1992-1997) and America (1997-2005). Due to the recent 20th anniversary of this series, the new line of Sailor Moon SHFiguarts figures by Bandai was released in 2013, and as of this writing, six of the Sailor Guardians have been released. (From this point on, I will refer to the SHFiguarts line as simply Figuarts, to keep things easier to read.) The first Figuarts, Sailor Moon, was released in mid-to-late 2013 (depending on where you live – Japan was obviously the first to get her) and the first run of the figure (or first edition, it all depends on the terminology you prefer) included two free faceplates. The first run of the figure is no longer being produced, but the second one should presumably be available for quite a long time. The figure retails anywhere from $35 to $50, depending on where you purchase it.

I received the first run Sailor Moon back when she was released in the USA, which was September of 2013. I opened her immediately, even though I used to keep my figures and dolls in their boxes, as I wanted to see how she posed and what all of the extra parts she came with looked like. I was pleased to see how much was included. I kept her with her default face and hands until today, when I decided to really take a close look at the figure for review.

Front of Sailor Moon Figuarts box.
Front of Sailor Moon Figuarts box. | Source

First, let’s look at the box. It’s very colorful; this is a good thing, since it makes the box stand out so it’s easily seen among others. If I were in a shop looking for this figure, I’d be able to find it easily thanks to this bright display. The front shows a large image of the figure in her signature pose, with a comic book style effect layered over. Personally, I found this choice of filter charming, and it adds to the bright pop of the box. Since this is the first run of the figure, a golden sticker is on the plastic window, stating exactly what the first run has over the second run. The other sticker is the Toei sticker of authenticity, which helps tremendously in gauging whether a figure is a bootleg or not.

Both sides of the Sailor Moon Figuarts box.
Both sides of the Sailor Moon Figuarts box. | Source

The sides are much of the same as the front, just with the figure in different poses. There is some text describing the line of Figuarts as a whole on one side, as well, but this is not important to this specific figure.

The extra parts Sailor Moon comes with.
The extra parts Sailor Moon comes with. | Source

As you can see in the image to the right, Sailor Moon includes 5 extra faceplates, 7 extra hands, her tiara boomerang (which has a hand attached), two Moon Sticks (one with the Silver Crystal) and Luna.

Sailor Moon Figuarts posing.
Sailor Moon Figuarts posing. | Source

Here she is out of the box and ready to give you a hug! She comes with a heart shaped stand with her name on it. The stand is awkward to use if you’ve never used a Figuarts stand before: I hadn’t before opening the box, so I was a little disoriented when it came to putting her on the stand. I didn’t realize that the arm bent in several different directions, so once I figured that out, posing her was much easier.


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Sailor Moon Figuarts top of head up close shot.
Sailor Moon Figuarts top of head up close shot. | Source

The paint job on the figure is very nice for the price, but I was disappointed to discover that my Moon has a green smudge on the top of her head. I can’t do anything about it, save from painting over it, and I’d rather not do that since I don’t know the exact shade of yellow her hair is. There’s also a very tiny green mark on one of her hair buns, but I can let that slide since painting her baubles was most likely a pain in and of itself. It’s also not nearly as noticeable when you’re not taking a picture of her.

Up close shot of Luna, who comes with the Sailor Moon Figuarts.
Up close shot of Luna, who comes with the Sailor Moon Figuarts. | Source

Her default face also has a small error, which I actually didn’t notice until I took pictures. Right under her mouth, there’s a very tiny mark. I’m not as upset about this as I am with the green smudge, but it’s still annoying.

Aside from those errors, though, she seems great! A lot of detail was put into her eyes, which I am very happy with.

Luna has no paint issues; she looks perfect. If I had a complaint about her, it would be that she doesn’t stand up very well on her own. That’s admittedly a very minor complaint, though, but it’s the reason she is kept in the box most of the time.

Sailor Moon Figuarts with hand removed.
Sailor Moon Figuarts with hand removed. | Source

Onto the posing and replacement of parts: removing Sailor Moon’s hand was easy. I wasn’t worried about accidentally breaking anything off when doing so, which was a relief. Under the hand, there’s a small ball joint that rotates around very freely; putting on a new hand is as simple as snapping it into the joint. I chose the tiara boomerang hand to put on since it was the most enticing to me.

Removing her bangs to change her faceplate was a different story, though. I had to dig my fingernail in between her bangs and the rest of her hair and slowly pry them off; I was definitely thinking for a moment that I’d scratch her hair and leave another mark to go with the green smudge, but thankfully I didn’t. Once her bangs were gone and I was able to remove her faceplate, she looked like this:

Sailor Moon Figuarts without face.
Sailor Moon Figuarts without face. | Source
Sailor Moon Figuarts posed.
Sailor Moon Figuarts posed. | Source

It’s the stuff of nightmares! I quickly put on her assertive face and placed her back in her stand. Now she’s ready to kick some Youma butt!

Sailor Moon Figuarts posed with lighting.
Sailor Moon Figuarts posed with lighting. | Source

Quick Note

I don't know a whole lot about figure collecting and the handling of said figures. So, I should note that I have read previously that if you are to handle a figure you care about displaying, you should wear gloves. I didn't do this when taking these pictures, but the mishaps on the paint job were there when I took her out of the box originally.

Why wear gloves? To prevent the oils from your fingers smudging any of the paint or the plastic. The chance of your figure getting permanently damaged from handling it without gloves is probably very slim, but I figured mentioning this wouldn't hurt!

Bottom Line

Would I recommend this figure? Absolutely. It’s one of the best Sailor Moon figures I’ve seen, and seeing as how Amazon is selling her for less than her original price, it’s an amazing deal. Yes, there are a few paint mishaps, and I can’t guarantee that if you order one yours will be perfect, but nothing is, and overall, the paint job is very good. I don’t know how much posing these figures can take, since I’ve only posed Sailor Moon a few times, but as a collector’s piece, I think she’s well worth the price.

Quick Summary:

  • Overall, the paint job is great.
  • Figure is reasonably priced.
  • Figure is poseable and comes with a stand and many faceplates.

I would recommend it to any Sailor Moon collector.

Sailor Moon SHFiguarts Rating

5 stars for Sailor Moon SHFiguarts

Buy her from Amazon

© 2014 Julie


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    • AaronBurton profile image

      Aaron Burton 

      4 years ago from US

      Now thats a quality figure


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