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Saints Row 4: Nonsense for no Reason

Updated on August 19, 2013

Saints Row 4

With this sudden release out of nowhere a lot of people were wondering what the next game in the sequel would be about. After Saints Row the Third changed it up a little with more unrealistic gameplay, what would occur with the new game. This question was quickly answered with videos appearing all over YouTube. What was the answer, absolute nonsense. When Saints Row first started it was a gang game which to some rivaled the Grand Theft Auto series, this continued with Saints Row 2 but it all changed once the series was taken over by TLC.

In this new installment the aliens have invaded and somehow created a simulation of earth which you are inside but trying to escape. Somehow you manage to hack the system and gain superpowers. Superpowers in Saints Row seems strange but the unrealistic gameplay in the third game was pretty fun. You can now run extremely fast, jump really high and do some weird sort of gliding thing. When running you can knock cars out of your way which in previous games you needed a cheat to do this. You also have super human strength and can move cars with a single punch. This all sounds great but may have annoy gamers that prefer the old gameplay. Other powers include fire and ice.The last power you have is telekinesis, you can lift people or objects and send them flying.

The problem with the addition of all these powers is that they didn't also amp up the vehicles and so you could get a car and customize it with nitro, but this will ultimately be much slower than just running. This basically removes the need for cars in this game and so the developers should have either taken them out and brought in something new, or also given the cars some kind of extra boost.

Saints Row 4 Trailer

Saints Row 4: Storyline

Although not much information is known about the game seeing as it hasn't been released yet, judging by the trailer above the story line should be good. You see the return of the Vice Kings boss from Saints Row which suggests more people from older games may come back. A problem though is that apparently the new story has a lot of nerdy references to start trek, star wars and other nerdy films. For fans of the game from when it was about gangs this may be extremely annoying especially if they have no idea what the jokes are about.

Saints Row 4: Gameplay

Saints Row 4: Weapons

Weapons have been upped as well as your character, you get something called an inflator ray which blows up a person. To see exactly how look at the video above. Another wacky weapon is the dub-step gun which shoots rays of something at people and does it while playing a dub-step tune. The song can be changed and the people in the vicinity will begin dancing to the song. So although weapons have been made a lot more unrealistic they still aren't as effective as you just fighting with your fists. For example the gang territory activity can easily be performed with the fire powers you can unlock and just normal melee attacks. Using the guns you can be shot a lot by the alien enemies but the melee moves (when running) do not allow you to take any damage during the action. You can basically run up to what ever enemies are left after your fire blast and can kill them in one it. This kind of removes the need for having any guns.

Saints Row 4: The Saints

Due to the introduction of super powers your gang has become completely useless, although they might be more effective in the story. You can still call in your saints backup like in previous games except now you will not loose them if you go too far away. This is because they don't have any powers and so can't keep up with you. They just kind of teleport to were ever you are once you stop running. You can still upgrade your saints as before but it doesn't look like they can be upgraded to super power levels.

Saints Row 4: Summary

Personally although the super powers look really fun I can't see it being worth paying the price of a full game. If it was still a DLC then yeah it would have been great but it doesn't really make any sense with what it is right now.

Do you think this game has taken a turn for the worse?

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Saints Row 4 Xbox 360


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    • Swabez profile image

      Chad Swaby 4 years ago from Sheffield

      I actually liked the third one even though it was over the top. This one I think I would have liked if it wasn't for them not pushing all parts of the game past the limit. I actually forgot you could rent games, that will probably be the best thing to do.

    • JohnGreasyGamer profile image

      John Roberts 4 years ago from South Yorkshire, England

      Although Saints Row has always been wacky, I think this is going way too far. Experimentation is good but there is such thing as a limit, and the developers are pushing the game way past that line. I'll give this a rental, but I don't have high expectations and can't see myself giving games 3 and 4 good reviews.