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Savannah Dollhouse - Buy the New KidKraft 65023 on Sale

Updated on May 11, 2011

Today's Deals for the Savannah Dollhouse

KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse

Are you looking for a KidKraft Savannah dollhouse on sale, product information or a review? Here you will find some of the best deals for the model number 65023 Savannah dollhouse on sale, as well as detailed information about one of the hottest toys for little girls. All discounted sales come from trusted internet retailer, to save you cash on your next purchase. The little girl or girls in your life will truly love the exceptional Savannah dollhouse by KidKraft.

Find out why little girls love this KidKraft product by reading the detailed product information and review on this page. There's also a manufacturer video provided, so that you can check out the inside of this product for yourself or by browsing the pictures that are also provided. You can also read over 50 buyer reviews on this product by clicking HERE.

KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse 65023 Model

Product Highlights

* The Savannah dollhouse by KidKraft is not made from plastic - it's made of wood for durability and longevity.

* Model number 65023 stands at over 4 feet tall (51 inches) and almost 3 feet wide (32 and a 1/2 inches).

* Comes with over 10 pieces of quality doll furniture.

* Large enough that multiple children can enjoy the Savannah dollhouse during playtime.

* Easy to assemble very quickly by following the instructions that are provided inside the packaging.

Savannah Dollhouse by KidKraft

Savannah Dollhouse Deals on

Inside Pictures of the 65023 KidKraft Dollhouse - Click Photos to Enlarge

Click thumbnail to view full-size
65023 KidKraft Dollhouse bathroom.Savannah dollhouse bedroom.Savannah dollhouse by KidKraft dining area.Living room (sitting area) of the Savannah dollhouse 65023.Kitchen found inside the KidKraft dollhouse.
65023 KidKraft Dollhouse bathroom.
65023 KidKraft Dollhouse bathroom.
Savannah dollhouse bedroom.
Savannah dollhouse bedroom.
Savannah dollhouse by KidKraft dining area.
Savannah dollhouse by KidKraft dining area.
Living room (sitting area) of the Savannah dollhouse 65023.
Living room (sitting area) of the Savannah dollhouse 65023.
Kitchen found inside the KidKraft dollhouse.
Kitchen found inside the KidKraft dollhouse.

About the KidKraft Dollhouse

The Savannah mimics that of a genuine southern mansion found in Georgia - right down to all of the little details found through out the inside and outside of the toy. Interior and exterior of the KidKraft Savannah dollhouse is elegant in decor. The 4 story dollhouse is schemed on the exterior in pastel colors of blue and pink with white trim. The total numbers of rooms created are a total of six with two exterior covered porches on both ends of the house --porches are found on the third story.

First Floor

The first floor of the KidKraft Savannah dollhouse features a bathroom and a living room (southern sitting room). The bathroom of the 65023 model comes with a moveable sink, toilet and tub. The tub is one of those old timer white clawfoot models, while the the toilet and sink are wood grain color. The walls are blue with brown and pink tieback curtains that hand over windows. A white staircase breaks up the bathroom and living room as a divider. The living room of the Savannah dollhouse by KidKraft features a fake fireplace and white shelves on the walls. The 65023 dollhouse comes with dark blue furniture for the living room - a loveseat couch and matching chair with a coffee table. Both first floor rooms feature rug stickers centered on the middle of flooring for an added decorative touch.

Second Floor

The small kitchen and dining room are located on the second floor inside the KidKraft Savannah dollhouse. Model 65023 comes equipped with a small cabinet with fake burners on top for the kitchen. Walls feature pretend cooking utensils hanging on the wall for a decorative touch. The dining area has pretend (stickers) china cabinets and a grandfather clock with a couple of mirrors. The KidKraft dollhouse comes with a dark wooden dining room play table and matching chairs (2).

Third Floor

The KidKraft Savannah dollhouse 65023 features a spacious bedroom and two porches on each end of the toy. The bedroom is decorated in a blue and pink wallpaper scheme with pink long fake curtains for each exit to the porches. The Savannah dollhouse by KidKraft comes with a canopy bed decorated in a multicolor bedspread with white lace trim. The canopy fabric is tan in coloring. Both porches come with outdoor doll furniture. The Savannah dollhouse comes with a porch swing and a wooden outdoor chair.

Fourth Floor

The fourth floor of dollhouse model 65023 by KidKraft is an attic that can be used for storage. A floor length mirror, rocking chair and music player are used for wall graphics.

Buy the KidKraft Savannah 65023 Dollhouse from on Sale Below

Why Should You Buy The Savannah Dollhouse by KidKraft?

Still need to be convinced to buy this awesome dollhouse by KidKraft? Click here to read over 50 positive buyer reviews. This product is rated high - almost a perfect 5 star toy for girls by former buyers.

If read some of the reviews, you'll notice where some buyers have stated that they have owned this Savannah dollhouse for years and it still looks good as new from the day of purchase. This KidKraft toy dollhouse is made to last and comes with a lot of accessories to keep your little girl busy during playtime for hours. This product is recommended for girls between the ages of three and nine years of age.


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