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Scopely Continues to Censor Players of The Walking Dead Road to Survival Game

Updated on August 3, 2017
SarcasmAndShame profile image

Kayla is an active player of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival mobile game for nearly 2 years.

Forum Censorship

Scopely forum moderators have been working double time to keep up with closing and deleting threads, banning players, and making sure all the people who stand against them are silenced. But that is not even the worst part, in all this time that they are online and active, they still continue to ignore players with legitimate questions and feedback.

How is it that a multi-million dollar company can continue to stomp on their players, ignore their needs, silence the ones that dare stand up to them, and still think that they have a future? It has been said so many times recently that Scopely is failing their players constantly with glitches, bugs, lags and serious game issues that cause players to lose the money that they have invested. Players are starting to realize that this will be the downfall of Scopely and The Walking Dead Road to Survival game.

Scopely needs to spend less time trying to silence the players that they have wronged and spend more time fixing the reasons that led to the uprising.

Deleting and Closing Threads

When people started posting these articles to the forums, Scopely tried to snuff the fire out by deleting the threads. Until it was made clear that there were no actual violations and all people were doing was sharing information about the game, which is what the forums are for. When moderators realized that they could not just make it go away they decided to start closing the threads instead so they could no longer be discussed and bumped up on the list of topics. This didn't work very long as there were plenty of people that were ready and willing to create new threads. So then they decided to start taking away the ability to post new threads.

Trying to stop people from talking about any form of negative feedback has recently become a hot topic with forum moderators. And they finally got their chance to get rid of some of the opposition when players decided that after days of waiting for a response from Scopely staff they needed to prove a point.

Many players were and are still willing to give Scopely a chance to make things right by coming through on their promises, most notably the better communication. After waiting days for simple responses some players decided to prove a point, Scopely is actively watching the forums and are ready to jump on when they see fit, but not to help the players. A few negative threads and comments and Scopely moderators came out in full force, banning players, blocking IP addresses and deleting the threads that were clearly against the Terms of Service of their page. \

But did they take time to answer any of the threads from players needing assistance? No, they did not, point proven.

Banning Players

One of the funniest part of the whole player ban situation is how they decided to start with giving temporary bans to players for anywhere from one day to two weeks. I personally received a 3 day ban for my attempt to show Scopely's priorities with a thread that was clearly an offense that would result in such. I received the ban with an explanation like all members receive stating the reason for the offense and the date my account will be reinstated, as did a few others. Until sometime in the night when Scopely realized they should use this to their benefit and the ban lift date was changed from three days to never. A permanent ban, and the reason stated, "no reason specified"!

To make matters worse they are going through their list and banning many others who never made a negative comment. Perma-bans all around for those that are directly related to the uprising of players. Some have no reasons stated on their bans and others are banned for spamming boycotts. Two of the people that have been banned for spamming only made a single post or two about these articles and neither of them were articles that called for any sort of boycott.

Sorry Scopely!

Typically the people who are banned from using websites are banned for pretty good reasons, and it is not something that happens often. But Scopely has decided to silence their opposition by blocking anyone from speaking against them. Sorry Scopely, but that is not going to work here. In the spirit of free speech, the uprising of abused players and for a revolution for change, it's time that Scopely learns who is in charge. The customers are the ones that make you successful, without the players there would be no Scopely, no game, and no multi-million dollar payday. So it's time that the players speak when, where and how they want.


If you have been banned from the Scopely forums, or end up banned in the future, follow these steps to get back on the boards anytime, no matter how many times they ban you.

On your PC -

  1. Click Start and Run and type cmd (or type cmd into the search).
  4. Clear Cookies from your browser and register a new account on Scopely Forums.

If that does not work this option is guaranteed to work.

  1. Go to
  2. Download the free Betternet program and install.
  3. Open the Betternet program and click connect.
  4. Go to the Scopely forums, if it is still showing IP block just refresh the page.
  5. Create a new account.
  6. Connect Betternet each time you access the forums.

On Android and IOS -

  1. Go to the app store or google play.
  2. Download TurboVPN
  3. Connect TurboVPN
  4. Go to Scopely Forums and create a new account.
  5. Turn on TurboVPN each time you connect to the forums.

If you have any other questions feel free to comment and I will help as best I can. Anyone that is new to these program should know that these are great for secure browsing and can be used anytime you are on the internet. There are other options out there but these are the ones that I trust and use daily.

Scopely has abused their power, and now it is time for a little game of hide and seek, can you find us? Honestly it doesn't matter because there are no limits to how many accounts can be made now, so ban all you want!


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    • profile image

      Fuck $copely 

      3 years ago

      Kayla, is there a way to get back on the boards if you're on a Mac? Appreciate any help.

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      3 years ago from Joliet, Illinois

      While I am not a player free speech is everything! How dare they try to silence their players especially over legitimate concerns! I think this is great you bringing awareness and showing how to fight back!


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