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Scrabble Board Game Sets With a Twist

Updated on March 31, 2013

Scrabble has been around since the 1940's, and even with the advent of the digital age, it has remained one of the best board games.

But just as with other traditional board games like Monopoly, there are editions or versions that add a little more flavor to the game.

Vera Sweeney shares on her blog how she enjoyed playing Cooking Scrabble with her family.

Cooking Scrabble

Here’s a an edition of Scrabble you can try out if you want to “spice up your crossword game”.

Gain bonus points for playing cooking-related words, and increase your score by taking advantage of 25 “recipe cards”.

Here’s an example of what’s on a recipe card:


Play a word using letters worth only one point, including the one from the board.

Triple your score.

Book Lover's Scrabble

Book Lovers are up for a treat and are given the chance to earn extra points with this Scrabble edition.

The additional 26 plot twist cards add drama to the game, and also gives players the opportunity to maximize plays.

Playing words related to authors and novels will also give your scores an extra boost.

Steve from Scrabble Pages gives a good overview of Junior Scrabble.

Scrabble Junior

This edition is like the traditional Scrabble game with training wheels.

The training wheels are words already pre-made on the board with picture clues. This allows children (5+) to learn specific words.

The board can be flipped over for the advanced Junior Scrabble game, and as you may figure, the training wheels are off on this side of the board.

Super Scrabble

A Super Scrabble board of 21x21 squares has 216 more squares than the traditional 15x15 board.

Prepare to play for longer periods, and muster bigger scores.

Apart from double and triple squares, Super Scrabble also has quadruple squares. This means, once you play words beyond the 15x15 inner board, you will have chances to quadruple your letters and words.

There are also 200 letter tiles in the bag -- two-times as many as in the regular version of Scrabble. If you’re up for a Scrabble-thon, then Super Scrabble may just be for you.

Gardening Scrabble

Here’s a Scrabble edition for people who love plants, and would like to use their knowledge of gardening to get better scores in Scrabble.

Earn bonus points for playing words related to gardening, such as hibiscus and dalia. Use cards from the “seed packet” deck and get ready to earn even more points.

And guess what? Scrabble Purists may not like this, but you can play abbreviations, but they have to be related to gardening, for example: SAF (Society of American Florists).

Scrabble Spanish

Need to exercise your Spanish skills, or just want to play Scrabble in your native tongue?

Scrabble Spanish is like the traditional English Scrabble with particular differences. Even though Spanish Scrabble has 100 tiles just like the English Scrabble, the number of letters and letter distribution is different.

Spanish Scrabble include letters such as CH, LL and RR. You gain extra points for playing Spanish words, but if you want to maximize on being better in Spanish, then play in Spanish completely.

Scrabble Poll

Which Scrabble edition interests you the most?

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There's an Edition for Everyone

These editions of Scrabble presented, are built upon the traditional Scrabble board game, but have an extra touch.

There’s an edition for everyone.

They offer players the chance to gain more points than they can in a regular Scrabble game.

There are criticisms about the new edition Scrabble games giving players an imbalanced feel, especially with the use of score-increasing cards and special bonus words.

These Scrabble games with a twist are more suited for family and friends, as opposed to tournament players.

Have you played any of these Scrabble editions? Was it fun for you? Leave a comment. :)

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