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Buying Scrabble Game Boards and Accessories Online: A Guide for Scrabble Lovers

Updated on September 29, 2010

I have always loved words ever since I was a little kid. Instead of playing outside on the jungle gym, you could usually find me in my room reading a book. That's right, I was a huge nerd (still am!) I also had a large family and we loved to play games, especially Scrabble. Our Scrabble games always got very competitive, there were always a few challenges when someone thought they were being duped, but mostly we laughed and learned a little bit, too.

Now, Scrabble is a pop culture phenomenon and there are themed boards for every interest, even boards made of glass! There are movies about people who love Scrabble, books about people who love Scrabble. This is a guide for Scrabble's lovers to showcase a few of the interesting Scrabble games and accessories that are out there.

Scrabble Boards: From Fancy to Everyday

I remember when I graduated from college and I upgraded from a worn out traditional Scrabble board to the turntable variety - I was stoked! Not only was it in new condition, but no longer did I have to maneuver the board awkwardly to study the board when it was my turn.

Now, they have wooden boards, onyx boards, even glass boards! The standard board is obviously a classic - you can't go wrong with that! But, I love the lazy susan action and raised grid of my turntable variety.

Themed Boards

There are themed boards for everything from movies to sports teams. To the right, I have shown some of my favorites - Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, New York Yankees, which of course I had to balance out with a Red Sox board!

These Scrabble boards are great gifts if you know a person's particular interests. But, if you happen to have the same interests, don't be surprised if you find yourself holding onto a themed board. The themed Scrabble boards are so much fun to play. For example, the baseball team games have diamond shaped boards and baseball shaped tiles - seriously, some of them are even more addicting than the regular boards!

Settling a Scrabble Squabble

It is only inevitable that a Scrabble squabble is going to occur - especially among friends and family. There are a few resources that can help settle any argument or dispute. The first being, of course, The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. I remember using the regular dictionary and there STILL was dissent among the ranks about which words were actually legal. Now, you don't have to guess.

For those who are technological savvy or those who don't want to lug around a dictionary on vacation, there is the electronic variety.

Scrabble on the Go

Nothing passes the time faster for me on a trip than playing a game of Scrabble. I always convince my travel companions to play a round or two - and I have even convinced some strangers to play me on planes! Who doesn't love some clean, healthy Scrabble competition?

Again, Scrabble has a little something for everyone. There is the folio game that folds up into its own pouch for easy transfer. The electronic version for those techies! And there is a Scrabble Scramble edition that pits each player against the timer - save that action-packed one for when you get off the plane!

Scrabble For Kids

I think it is so important for kids to be interested in learning new words so they can grow up to be effective communicators. There are a ton of different versions of Scrabble Jr., appropriate for kids starting at age 3 (before that they aren't recommended because of the small pieces.)

From Dora the Explorer to Disney, your little girl or boy will be impressed you with their vocabulary in no time - and don't be surprised when they start beating you at the regular version before they even get into high school!

Pop Culture: Books and Movies about Scrabble

Scrabble is truly a pop culture phenomenon worldwide - the game is sold in 29 different languages! One hundred million Scrabble games have been sold all over the world. The game has been around in some form since 1938. From 1984 to 1990, and again in 1993, it was a national TV game show.

With such a cult following, it is no wonder that there are books and movies documenting the life of professional Scrabble players. I have read Stefan Fatsis's book Word Freak several times and it never ceases to amaze me how the Scrabble circuit is like a world of its own. If you are interested in delving deeper into the Scrabble world, definitely give this book or one of these documentaries a try.


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