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The perfect beginner's guide to scrabble

Updated on April 7, 2018

How To Get Started

  1. You can simply buy a scrabble board and start playing with your family or peers or search for a scrabble club that is near your area.
  2. Scrabble is also now-a-days played on some apps and online platforms.Some notable apps include Scrabble and Classic Word Solo(available both for IOS and Android devices), whereas Word-Biz & Quackle Scrabble are the online platform where some best people play and AI too.
  3. There are tons of Scrabble application online in which most notable software is (NASPA Zyzzyva ), Scrabble Checker and Scrabble Expert(available for both IOS and Android devices). Scrabble Checker will validate your moves, while Scrabble Expert will tell you possible moves you can play the tiles you're having



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Beginner's Guide to Scrabble

A board game in which 2 or 4 players play in a fixed time limit, each player must pick 7 tiles from a bag of tiles containing 100 tiles (in which two are blanks that can be used as any alphabet you like), from that 7 tiles a player has to form a word (For e.g:Bay) now the second player will form a word that uses any letter from the word (Bay) so this cycle goes on and on until the tiles in the bag are all used up.

The words formed must be defined in a dictionary or lexicon, if it doesn't then move will be not valid & no points will be given on that move.

Playing a move

  • A word formed must contain at least two tiles.
  • Passing or forfeiting the turn results in no score.
  • Exchange of tiles are possible only if there are more than 7 tiles remaining in the bag. The move automatically gets passed and results in no score
  • Every word must include a tile already placed on the board


Scoring in scrabble is pretty fun and interesting, player getting the option of playing first move have slight advantage as the score of the move is doubled in scrabble (In above example Player placed a word BAY, if you add up the score of each tile like 3+1+4=8 but as he had the chance of playing first movie his score was doubled 8*2=16), for deciding which player plays the first move each player must pickup a tile from the bag (For e.g Player picked letter A & Droid picked letter K so Player won the first move as letter A is the first alphabet and K comes after it).

In scrabble forming a word containing all seven letters earns you an extra 50 points in addition to the score of the word too, other then bingo and first move there are special area on scrabble board which earns you some extra score which are (DL, TL) which doubles and triples the score of letter placed on it & (DW,TW) which doubles and triples the score of the word.

D = Double

T = Triple

L = Letter (Like W)

W = Word (Like Bay)

So TL (Triple the score of a letter), DW (Double the score of the word)

Any guess on how many scrabble clubs are there in the world?

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Ending a game

  1. If there are no more tile left in the bag and all the tiles are used up then the game ends.
  2. Six Successive scoreless turns have occurred then the game will end.

Scrabble Tournaments

There are several scrabble tournaments held every year in which some notable tournaments are :

  1. World Youth Scrabble Championship : Also known as WESPA youth cup in which under 18 years old are allowed to compete.
  2. Mattel World Scrabble Championship : Each countries are allocated some seats in which only the best are allowed to compete.
  3. Brand's Crossword Game King's Cup : The largest tournament in the world, held annually in Thailand is open to all & it has drawn nearly 8000 players from around the globe.
  4. UK Open Scrabble Tournament : The largest tournament in Europe, held annually in Coventry, United Kingdom, it is an open tournament attracting people all around the globe.
  5. Singapore Open Scrabble Championship : It is an International scrabble tournament held in Singapore, open to all.

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