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Scramble with Friends Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Updated on June 9, 2012

Scramble with Friends is a word game. This game is created by Zynga. This game is free and very popular. It has both iPhone and Android versions. You need have to good vocabulary and speed of brain to come up with as many as words as possible in two minutes to beat your opponent. The game is not so tough if you follow some tricks and tips. Here are some Scramble with friends tips exclusively for you. Be a champion mate in every game!

Scramble with friends Tip: | Tokens

You need tokens to play the game. Every time a token will be spent if you play a round of game. A secondary power up will also cost you one token more. But don’t worry the points will be regenerated after 20 minutes. You can also buy them. Yes! You got it right it is a plan to earn some cash.

Power Ups

You have to select a power up before stating to play. Scramble with Friends has three power ups: Freeze, Inspiration and Scramble. Freeze will give you the opportunity to pause the game timer for 20 seconds. That means that you shall get additional 20 seconds for forming words. Inspiration will show you a word. It can be used when your brain is unable to form a word. Scramble option will rotate the board and so your words will be shown from different sides.

You shall have one power up in every round but you can use a secondary power up by spending one more token. You can use same power up twice.

Advice to you regarding power ups is that they are very useful and important. Do not use Scramble power up, totally useless.


You can make two words from one by just making plurals using ‘S’. As example if you have a ‘S’ in the greed and also the letters ‘T’, ‘E’, ‘R’, ‘E’, ‘E’ etc you can form two words easily: “TREE” and “TREES”.

Combining two Letters

Forming two letters words are easier and faster way to score points. There are a huge number of two lettered words in English. You may do some guess work too. Best of luck!

Scramble with Friends Cheats:

Do you know Admiral Knopkopu ? No?

He is the leader of the hidden starship “Mntoppe” which has came from the planet “ Gzxi” which is 12 light years away. The ship is revolving around the earth to monitor.

Well, suppose that alien admiral has invited you to play Scramble with Friends with you. If he wins then he will use 500 Terra ton H-Bomb to destroy the world, if you win he will leave without harming our world. Now, what will you do!

You must have to win the Scramble with Friends with the alien to save humanity. How shall will you beat you?

Well, by cheating, it’s simple!

How to Cheat?

If you are an iPhone user buy Scramble Cheats - for Scramble With Friends and Scramble Connection

By Pinc Studios. It is priced at $0.99.

You should have to take a screen shot of the game and upload it to the app by using the import button. Use freeze power up to pause the timer for 20 seconds. The app will create the words automatically. Now you shall have to use these words to beat your opponent!

A link of the app in Apple Store is given here

Vote here!

Do you like to cheat in Scrable?

See results

Scramble Practice App

This is for not cheating but practicing to enhance your skill to be a better player in Scramble with Friends.

Scramble Cheat by Ghost Mobile

This app is totally free. You shall have to take the screen shot and the app will import it from the camera roll and automatically produce the words for you.


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