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ScribbleCraft, Hand Drawn HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128 x 128)

Updated on May 21, 2011

A truly original Minecraft texture pack, ScribbleCraft is a Hi Res HD Texture pack with a difference, it's all scribbly and what not and it transforms your pixelated Minecraft world into a world scribbled on the pages of someone's math book.

The blue ruled lines can still be seen in most of the textures, imparting a 'back to school' feeling that will instantly make you feel as if you've forgotten to do your homework, even if you're fifty five and the only school you ever went to was the school of hard knocks.

There's every reason to think that a texture pack based on the concept of scribbling would be god awful and an insult to the eyes, but surprisingly, ScribbleCraft is actually a very well executed concept. The block breaking animation really is very 'animationy' if that makes sense, which it will when you see it.

Portals look utterly amazing, mostly because obsidian is now an awesome starry texture. The Nether is still bug ugly, but that's the case with pretty much all texture packs. I've always found the appearance of the Nether to be uncomfortably disorienting and in all the months that the Nether has been around,I've bothered to visit it only a handful of times. Curse you, ugly realm! Glowstone is the only exception to the rule of ugly, it has been rendered in quite a cheerful yellow with sun motifs that are both appropriate and conducive to lifting the spirits.

The general terrain is quite pleasing to the eye. My only complaint is that the textures are so fine that they do that grainy 'ooh we're moving like static' thing as you move towards them from a distance. I personally find that quite hard on the eyes as it is vaguely reminiscent of being in a world of televisions that just lost the signal. This effect is minimized when you play with fast graphics, which you will for reasons that are about to become clear.

There are a few glitches, for some reason, the world doesn't fade to gray when you sleep in a scribble bed. Oh and you must play using 'Fast' not 'Fancy' graphics, otherwise blocks with part grass / part dirt sides will render as brown hunks.

Though this texture pack might be more of a novelty than a pack you play with all the time, it's still a great concept well executed and in my opinion, worth the download for any fans of higher resolution HD texture packs.

Download ScribbleCraft HD Minecraft Texure Pack


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