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"Secret of Mystery House 2" Walkthrough

Updated on November 4, 2011

Secret of Mystery House 2 Walkthrough

In "Secret of Mystery House 2", you play as a private investigator who is hired to investigate a Catholic Elderly Care Center for the mentally ill after, Father Ferdinand, the director of the institution has gone missing. There has been talk of Paranormal Activity being to blame. Your job is to find out what happened to Father Ferdinand and what exactly is going on in the Mystery House.


Use the Mouse to navigate around the facility and interact with objects.


Secret of Mystery House 2 is set in an abandoned hospital facility with many rooms and a few different floors. So for the sake of convenience lets give each room a label so that we can all stay on the same page. The room labels will consist of two digits, the first being 1, 2, or B for 1st floor, 2nd floor, and Basement respectively. The second digit will be either A through J to represent the specific room of the floor from right to left and top to bottom. For example, the main room you start in would be 1i And the room to it's immediate right would be 1j. Now that we have a way to indicate each room. Let's start the walkthrough.

Secret of Mystery House 2 Walkthrough

Like stated earlier. Your start in the main room, room 1i. Immediately go to the room on your right and pick up the camera from inside.

Head back to the main room. Head up one room. Left one room and up another room. You will be in the top left room of the first floor, 1A. There is a crucifix on the bed, pick it up. Leave the crucifix room.

Travel right twice and you will be in a room with two tables. Head up to go upstairs. Once upstairs, go left once, down once, right once, and down again. You will be in a boy's bedroom, room 2J. Pick up the record off of the bed and leave the room.

Head left and down into the bathroom, room 2i. There will be a key in the sink. Pick it up and leave. Head left and up into room 2C. Pick up the Bible.

Go back downstairs and go to room 1H, the room with the locked door. Use your newly acquired key to open the door.

Once in room 1F you will see an old bible on the podium to the left. Pick it up. Click the bible you picked up earlier to place it on the podium and reveal the safe. Leave the office.

Go all the way back upstairs to the room where you picked up the original bible, 2D. Click the old bible to place it on the podium and open the door to the basement. Go into the basement.

Go right, down, and down again to room BG. Pick up the Doll. Leave that room and go up and to the right to room BB. Click the crucifix to place it into the wall and click the camera to snap a picture. Notice the ghost and numbers that appear. Leave the basement and head back to the second floor.

From 2D(the entrance to the basement) go down twice into the little girls room. Click the doll to place it on the bed and snap a picture to reveal the ghost and numbers. Head downstairs.

Go left and up into room 1B. Click the record to place it into the record player and then click the record player to start playing the record. Snap a picture to get the final number. Head to the office in room 1F.

Click each picture to bring up the combination to the safe. Then click the safe a few times to get the new key. Journey back to the basement.

Go right, down, and right again into room BF. Use the key to open the door up top. Pick up the silver pendent that's hanging from the Father Ferdinand's skeleton. Mystery solved, Congratulations. Head outside through the front door to finish the game.

Hope this walkthrough helps you finish secret of mystery house 2. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to leave them below. Until next time...


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