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Sensei Wars: 7 Tips and Tricks to Win Battles

Updated on December 19, 2013
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Anurag loves playing video games. His guides and listicles revolve around popular iOS, Android, PC and console games.

Sensei Wars is a Clash of Clans-like strategy game that revolves around base-building and troop management. In this game, you will be building your base, defend it with towers, walls, traps and canons; recruit troops and invade enemy villages for gold and food. You will also be invading player bases and defending your base from random attacks.

Like other freemium strategy titles, this game may require players to spend money for buying gems, which is used to speedup building and troop recruitment. In Sensei Wars, building/defending a massive base and winning battles is not easy. Follow these tips and tricks if you are stuck with single-player battles, want to have a stronger base defense or can’t find a way to get free gems.

1. Defend Your Base

A Tower's Attack Range
A Tower's Attack Range

Build defenses to protect your village from incoming enemy attacks. Build towers and cannons as soon as possible to keep enemies at bay.

When building base defenses, make sure you place them in a good spot. Before tapping on the “Build Here” button, check its range, which is shown by a white circle. Make sure the range covers at least 80 percent of the village. If your village is big, have 2-3 defenses at each corner, place traps at every entry point and have an upgraded tower at the middle of your village.

Build walls around your village. Walls can keep enemies busy while your canons and towers easily take them out one by one.

Traps inflict one-time damage to enemies. Once activated, they need to be placed again. Place caltrops in areas which you believe can be infiltrated earlier. You can trick your enemies by placing them in a least-defended area. Enemies looking for a vulnerable spot will surely enter that area and get killed immediately.

There are two basic types of traps – Black Powder and Caltrops. Caltrops are “hidden traps” that deal damage to the first enemies that bump into it. Black Powder deals massive damage when enemies come into its contact. You will need to upgrade your Dojo to level 6 to unlock this hidden trap.

Upgrade your defensive structures (towers and canons) to increase damage and health. Don’t forget to upgrade walls. Upgraded walls can make it extremely difficult for intruders to infiltrate your base.

2. Manage Your Troops

Fewer gems can be used to quickly train troops. Just tap on the “Finish Now” button. You may need 1-3 gems to speed up training 10-20 units.

Upgrade the Ancestor’s Hall to increase troop holding capacity. The Ancestor’s Hall holds your trained troops. Ancestor’s Hall requires food to upgrade.

If you don’t have enough room in the Ancestor’s Hall, then tap on the minus button in the mini-profile below to remove a troop that’s pending training. The Finish Now button turns grey and can’t be activated if the Ancestor’s Hall holds maximum troops. It turns green and can be activated if you reduce some troops from the lineup.

3. Get Your Battle Strategy Right

During battle, tap on your sensei, then tap on the troop profile pic. Tap on your Sensei again to deploy your troops. Troops deployed from within the circle surrounding your Sensei are stronger than those deployed from any other area outside the enemy base.

Troops deployed from within the Sensei’s circle show powers that reflect the “Style” chose by the player. For example – If you have selected the Tiger style, then units deployed from your Sensei will inflict double damage to enemy buildings and structures.

Train advanced troops along with low-tier troops. Having an armored samurai can assist a player in taking down enemy towers and canons, so make sure you upgrade warrior’s pavilion to level 4 in order to unlock the samurai.

For levels with increased enemy defenses, a good combination of monk, archer and a samurai or two can deal a massive blow to enemy defenses. Make sure you take advantage of the main hero and his special skills to inflict additional damage.

Rickshaws, although low-tier troops, can be extremely effective in battle. Their favorite targets are resource-generating buildings and they can be damn quick in stealing resources and destroying these buildings if there aren't any walls to stop them. Build them in large numbers.

4. Make the Most of Sensei

While your Sensei can be useful in taking down buildings and defenses quickly, it’s vulnerable to special defenses placed by enemies in strategic spots. Deploy your sensei along with samurai and troops to deal major blow to enemy defenses. Make sure you use him along with low-tier troops for extra damage.

Your Sensei has special powers that can deal additional damage to enemy structure. Just tap on your sensei, tap on the special power and then tap on the enemy structure you want to destroy. Special powers will take some time to refill.

Build, upgrade buildings and win battles to level-up your Sensei. The level-up bar at the top-left corner of the screen fills up every time you upgrade a new building, win battles or build new structures. Leveling up your hero will earn him skill points, which can be distributed to special skills.

Special skills do additional damage to enemy structures. Each style has its own special skills. There are 3 types of styles – Tiger, Tortoise and Crane. You will need to select the style first before unlocking special skills and distributing points to each skill.

Choose your Sensei’s Style carefully. Before selecting one, make sure you are aware of each style’s unique features. Check out what power a crane, tiger or tortoise style has to offer:

Style Name
Special Power
Grants special powers to your Dojo to inflict huge damage to your opponent.
Gives your sensei abilities to protect your troops from enemies.
Gives your sensei troop-healing abilities. But the highlight of this special style is the ability to disable enemy buildings and defenses. Any building coming within its “circle” will be disabled.

5. Upgrade Farms and Mines

Farm grows food that can be used in upgrading various buildings. Always level-up your farms to increase storage space, health and production per hour. You will need gold to upgrade farms.

Silo stores your food and must be protected from enemies. Increase the storage capacity and health of silo by upgrading it regularly. You will need gold to upgrade this building.

Many buildings will need more food after each upgrade, which is why silo and farm should be regularly upgraded to speed up production and have more storage space.

A mine generates gold, which should be regularly collected to store in your vault. Upgrade mines to increase production rate and health. Mines require food to upgrade.

The vault should be protected from enemies. Increase the storage capacity by upgrading the vault. Vaults require food.

Build more worker’s shed to create additional workers. More workers will expedite building structures and upgrade buildings at the same time. You will need gems to build additional worker’s sheds.

6. Earn Free Gems and Make the Most of Them

In Sensei Wars, unlocking achievements can earn you free gems. Achievements can be unlocked by completing simple tasks like inviting friends, building 5 different buildings, donating troops, destroying enemy buildings. You will be notified about each unlocked achievement. To claim reward for each unlocked achievement, tap on the trophy button to your left, search for the achievement name and then tap on claim reward.

Earn 100 gems by logging into Facebook.

Always take advantage of free gems that you receive at the start of play. Use them up as much as possible to upgrade buildings first. Don’t use them to train low-tier troops as they get trained in less time. Use them in buildings or troops that require more time to build.

In Dojo vs. Dojo mode, you will be invading other players’ villages, but your village’s shield will become inactive, which will mean that any player can now invade your village. Winning this mode will not only earn you additional gold and food, but also bonus gems. Chances of earning bonus gems are more in Dojo vs. Dojo mode than single-player missions.

7. Build Advanced Troops

To win challenging battles, you will need to upgrade your training buildings and build new ones. For example, building a Corridor of Steles will allow you to upgrade all your troops at once. However, you will need to upgrade your Dojo to level 3 and only then you can have these buildings unlocked. You can find them in the Troops menu after tapping on the Store button. These are the buildings you will need to build and upgrade to have a strong army:

Corridor of Steles
This building upgrades all your troops. Upgrade this building for max upgrades.
Guest Hall
All donated troops from dynasty members (guild members) are garrisoned in the guest hall. The garrisoned units can then protect your base from incoming enemy raids.
Shaolin Temple
Build the Shaolin temple to unlock and upgrade advanced troops.
Ancestor’s Hall
You will need to upgrade this building to increase its troop holding capacity.

Additional Tips

Upgrading your Dojo will unlock more buildings and defenses. Protect this and vault from enemies at all costs. For the initial upgrade, make sure you level-up your vault first.

Build more mines and farms to get additional gold and food. Both food and gold will be required in huge numbers for upgrading buildings and constructing new ones, so make sure you keep on upgrading the silos, farms, mines and vaults to increase production and improve the capacity. Remember to level-up Dojo to unlock extra farms and mines.

You can watch a replay of a player attacking your village. Just tap on the Battle Log button (scroll icon) on the bottom-left corner of the screen and hit the Replay button. After replaying, you can invade his village by tapping on the Revenge button.


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