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Seven Tricks on How to Win Words with Friends

Updated on April 11, 2013
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I am an avid fan of word games. If I’m trap in the traffic or if I need to wait in a long line, I choose to either read a book or play word games in my Android phone. One of my favorite games which I enjoy the most is Words with Friends. I find it very exciting, challenging, and educational, as well. One good thing that I like about this game is that it has a lot of similar features with Scrabble – which is also my favorite, so it is not that much difficult to learn about the game mechanics.

There is a higher chance that you already come across with Words with Friends, if you have an iPhone, iPad, Android gadget or even your Facebook account. This game is very popular and you can almost find it anywhere. If you love playing Scrabble - like me - chances are, you will also enjoy this game.

At first, I was not that good in playing WWF. I encountered a lot of difficulties along the way. But those challenges drive me to persevere and work harder to learn more on how to become a better player. I keep on practicing until I was able to come up with strategies that had helped me to win every game.

In this hub, I will share with you seven tricks on how you can win Words with Friends so you can beat your opponent. You may not learn all this skills overnight, but through continued practice, you will get familiar with the right strategy that will work best for you.

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Tip 1 Create and Connect More Words

The secret in getting higher points is to continue creating more words and then connect perpendicular words so you can earn points for two words. Say for example, if you form the word ICE you can add also add R to make it RICE. Then, you can also form other perpendicular words like connecting two G’s in E to form the word EGG. In this way, you can get more points by simply adding a letter to form a new word.

Tip 2 Learn Proper Letter Placement

Learning how to place the high point letters in the high value spaces is the key in getting more points. If you can put the X or Z in the triple word space, you will surely get a lot of points. It is better if you know how to make use of the high scoring letters to your advantage.

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Tip 3 Don’t let your opponent land on the Triple Word Spaces

If you can’t make it on the high value spaces, make sure that you don’t let your opponent take advantage of the opportunity. Put some blocks so they will not get the chance of scoring high from the valuable spaces.

Tip 4 Be Familiar with More Q Words

Getting familiar with Q words will help you a lot to gain high points. More often than not, we only knew a number of Q words like queen and quart. But if you know the words qi, suq, burqa, qwerty, sheqel, and other acceptable words in Words with Friends, you can definitely get a lot of points.

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Tip 5 Learn Two Letter Words

Believe it or not, two-letter words can make or break the game. Imagine, you are left with only two letter tiles in your rack, how can you make use of the remaining letters to your advantage? In fact, there are over 100 two-letter words that are considered as valid words. Did you know that xu, za, jo, mm and hm are valid words?

Tip 6 Learn To Form High Scoring Words

Learning the high scoring letters like Z, J, Q, X and other seemingly difficult letters to form will help you to increase your vocabulary. It will be easier for you to form words, if you can remember them when you come across with the letter combinations.

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Tip 7 Understand the meaning of the words

Getting familiar with the meaning of the words will help you to improve your vocabulary. Whenever you come across with difficult words, try to check the dictionary. You will become more proficient if you know by heart what this word means.

Sometimes I also use tools or Word Helper to learn more tricks and strategy. One of my favorite is the Words with Friend Helper by It is very easy to use, very convenient and user-friendly.

Learning all these tricks is not that easy. You have to practice and be open to new learning. Study how your opponent plays, so you can get ideas from them. Watch how champions play, so you can pick their brains.

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    • aylsbillones profile image

      Aileen Billones 4 years ago from Naga City, Philippines

      Thanks BraidedZero for your kind comments. I do agree with you that using a good defense can help you in securing your points against your opponent. If you can't make it on the Bonus Square, make sure not to allow your opponent to score. Thanks again.

    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 4 years ago from Texas

      Great points here! I was a huge Words With Friends player when it first came out but I drifted away after a while. Got bored! The main strategic point that was mentioned is blocking. People need to understand that if you can't use the triple word/letter then the next best choice is to block it from being used by your enemy. Great article.