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Shadow Era-A Free To Play Collectble Card Game

Updated on July 23, 2013

Shadow Era F2P CCG

If you looking for a simple, portable, collectible card game, Shadow Era might be the right game for you. It is available for browser, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. For people who prefer a more social interaction, there is also a paper version. Pretty much, no matter how you prefer to game, there is an option for you.

Shadow Era is also free to play. Before playing your first game you get to choose a free starter deck. Ever game you win get gold and xp. Losing only gets you xp. Gold can be used to buy cards. When you level you also receive 25 Shadow Credits. Shadow credits, or SC, is used to buy packs and additional starter decks.

Shadow Era Gameplay

The gameplay of Shadow Era very similar to the World of Warcraft ccg. You have a hero who starts the game in play. When a hero health reaches 0 that heroes controller loses the game. Against the AI the minimum deck size is 30 cards. Against other players the minimum deck size is 40 cards.

Instead of having special cards to use as resources, you can sacrifice one card per turn to be used as a resource. This has two benefits. First, it eliminates the common problem of not being able to draw enough resources to play your cards. The other benefit is the added challenge of deciding what cards to kep and which ones to use as resources.

Other than Hero, the remaining card types allies, items, abilities, and items.

Abilities are like sorceries in Magic They have an immediate effect and then are discarded.

Allies are your typical dudes. They can attack heroes or other allies.

Items are further divided into artifacts, weapons, armor, and traps. Artifacts are permanents that remain on the battlefield are provide some kind of affect. Weapons allow your hero to attack. Armor provides your hero additional defense. Traps are cards you play face down on your turn and have an effect when the conditions are met on your opponents turn.

At the beginning of your turn, you draw a card.If you can not draw any more cards your hero loses 1 life. After the draw step, you may sacrifice a card to your resource pile. Follwong the sacrifice step, the rest of your turn can be done in any order you want. You can play any card you choose, enter combat, or use your heroes shadow power.

Combat takes place one attack at a time. There is no interaction from your opponent. You simply choose an ally or hero to attack on of their heroes or allies. If your guy does not kill them first, their hero or ally gets to attack back.

Once you have no more actions to take you mass the turn to your opponent. Each of you follow the same pattern until one of you are dead.

Shadow Era review

Shadow Era is a game with some flaws, but overall I find it to be a worthwhile game. The biggest flaw to me is the relative lack of interaction. The designers wanted it to be lightweight and easy to play mobile. In doing so you are left with nothing but watching your opponent do whatever they want to do on their turn. It can also be buggy at times, but the bugs are being addressed and worked out. Shadow Era also has a relatively shaslow card pool. A this time , there still are only two expansions plus the base set.

Despite the flaws, I found it an enjoyable game to play. It has virtually no barrier to entry and is very easy to get in a quick game. I would not chhose it as my main game, but it is an excellent diversion for some simple entertainment. The biggest strength in my opinion is the resource system. There is nothing worse than simply not drawing enough of the right cards to even play your deck. By choosing what cards to sacrifice you control your destiny far more than other games where you must draw your resources. Shadow Era may be simple, but the better player usually is the one to win barring a bad match up. That is always a good thing to me.

Being free, I would recommend anyone to check it out.

Total Biscuit's "WTF is...Shadow Era"


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