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Shadow Era - A "Magic - The Gathering" Type Online Card Battle Game

Updated on September 20, 2014

Shadow Era - The Most Fun Online Card Battle Game

Shadow Era is here and it is the #1 online card battle game available on Android and iOS. It is also free which is part of the reason why it grabs first place in this genre of online gaming. Like a virtual "Magic - The Gathering", the first thing you will notice about this game is its gorgeous game board and its lightning fast processor that instantly starts the game between two players. Once players learn how the game is played, they are instantly hooked!

How do you play Shadow Era

Select a hero:

Warrior Type: Ter Adun, Boris Skullcrusher, Amber Rain, Logan Stonebreaker

Mage Type: Majiya, Nishaven, Eladwen Frostmire, Gravebone

Priest Type: Zhanna Mist, Jericho Spellbane

Wolven Type: Darkclaw, Moonstalker

Rogue Type: Serena Thoughtripper, Lance Shadowstalker

Hunter Type: Victor Heartstriker, Banebow, Baduruu, Gwenneth Truesight

Elemental Type: Elementalis, Zaladar

Build your deck:

Shadow Era requires a deck of 40 cards minimum to play online against other online players. Each deck is composed of 1 hero and 39 cards. You must have 40 cards to play against other Shadow Era players online. Only 4 of the same card can be used. This 40 card requirement does not apply to playing against the computer.

What hero should I choose?

The game features 20 hero's, each with their own shadow energy uniqueness, and each have their own strengths and weaknesses. A mage-type hero named can easily take out a warrior-type hero with powerful spell cards but defeat can quickly dawn on any hero, depending on the amount of resources and cards available in the players hand, more on that later.

Depending on the hero you choose to build your deck with, here's an overview of each hero type:

Priests' are known for their healing abilities, they can heal themselves, their human allies, and also remove bad status effects caused temporarily (2-turns), or permanently (the entire game). Use an army or traps to take a priest down.

Hunters are quick, they can hide off in the woods (cannot be attacked for 1 or 2 turns). Destroy their deadly bows to take them out quick.

Warriors are built out of tough armor and impenetrable defense but a poison gas can easily take them out.

Mages are known for their destructible magic and can send entire armies to their early graves. Supernova can wipe out an entire army of 10 allies and if the mage survives, he or she can easily win the game.

Wolves rely on stealth, they cannot be attacked when they are attacking by hiding in the shadows.

Elementals are powerful once they tap into their high resources. They can quickly build an army entirely out of energy and the heroes can regenerate health but a quick trap on allies can send the Elementals to defeat easily.

Drawing cards:

At the start of the game, each player draws 6 cards from the top of their deck. The game randomly chooses who goes first. Only a maximum of 7 cards are allowed at any time. If the "Bazaar" support ability card is in play, which is a card that allows players to draw 2 cards at the start of their turns instead of 1, if the player already has 7 cards in their hand, no new cards will be drawn.

Gamers tip: If Bazaar is in play, maximize your resources to at least 5 and destroy Bazaar.

The next step is to make resources available and players do that by placing any card from their hand, 1 at a time, to their resource pile. When enough resources have added up, players can then draw out weapons, armor, use spells, or call forth allies that will bring them victory, or defeat. Resources are spent by the number on the top left hand corner of the card for example, if you want to bring out a human ally with a cost of 1, if your resources are 4, you will have 3 resources left over after bring out the human ally.

To win the game, players must kill the opposing hero by attacking their health or hit points until it is 0. A heroes health or hit points can be found on the bottom right corner of the hero card.

Each card has numbers on them. The top left hand corner represents the number of resources needed to play the card. The bottom left is the attack or defense number, and the bottom right is the health or hit points.

The last pile is the graveyard pile where cards go when they have been killed off or exhausted from their support abilities.

Powerful Support Cards:

Support cards can increase attack, defense, and health or hit points. Magic support cards such as "Freezing Grip" or "Clinging Webs", can render an opposing ally up to 2 or 3 turns, they can't attack or use their ability until the end of the 2nd or 3rd turn. Support abilities sometimes can win the entire game so use that to your advantage.

Heroes also can rely on support card attachments, Wulven types can heal their health after each turn by 2 points, Warrior types can draw an extra card each turn at the cost of 1 health.

How to obtain new cards, earn shadow crystals:

  • Defeating a computer hero you are rewarded with 200 experience and 10 coins.
  • Defeating an online player you receive 400 experience and 40 coins.

By winning multiple games, your coins add up and you can use the coins to buy new cards from the online merchant. You can also buy entire decks using shadow crystals, it costs' 100 shadow crystals to buy 1 deck which contains 42 cards; 2 heroes and 40 cards.


The soundtrack is quite nice, from soft woodwind forest music, to music heavy on electric guitars and drums for battles taking place in the wasteland, Shadow Era lives up to all of its hype and with 2,000,000 players online, Shadow Era lives at #1 on the online card game market.


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