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Shantae Riksy's Revenge review on steam: Shantae is a charming little platformer on steam

Updated on May 19, 2016
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Hi there my name is Tommy and I have been a gamer/collector for most of my life.

My youtube review

All the videos and pictures on this hub were captured by me using Bandicam software while playing. Were edited by me using Photoshop and premiere elements.

Today I am reviewing a game by Wayforward Called Shantae Risky Revenge. If you never played the original Shantae and you can pick it up on the 3ds virtual console dirt cheap, or you can actually buy it for the Gameboy color for a ridiculous amount of money. Either way it’s a good game; Risky Revenge came out for the Nintendo DSI several years ago and back then it was consider the only game worthy of really trading your GBA slot for the downloadable content of DSI ware. Now with it being ported to the consoles and PC which is the version I will be reviewing here how this game hold does up. Well it’s still a fun and really charming game but it does have a few flaws.


Normally I start off with Story and then gameplay. But pardon me but I have to deal with the elephant in the room first. The graphics are a mix bag which is such a shame; the problem is they never bother to upscale this game had all. Its resolution looks very much like it should be on the DSI, only problem is that this is a PC and I am playing on a 23 inch HD monitor, a little bit bigger than a DSI XL screen to say the least. The picture is incredibly blurry and the sprites and characters are incredibly blocky because of this.

The shame of it is that there was a lot of effort put into this game and its looks. The animation is gorgeous, the character designs are top notch, and the backgrounds just popup and imaginative. But it appears to me there was no work done in upgrading this game to look good on computer monitors. There not even a smoothing option or anything in this game. Also to show the laziness let me show you what this game actually looks like running on my PC through some footage I capture using my capture device I use for my consoles rather than bandicam software. Yeah it doesn’t even really go into full screen right.

Like I said it’s such a shame if this game had just a little more work done on making sure that the sprites look good in HD and that it ran smoother on PC it would be a beautiful treat to be hold. But a blown up DSI game don’t look good on computer monitors.


Alright now that I got that complaint out of the way let’s take a look at the actual story. Basically Shantae our hero is a half genie in charge of protecting her home town of Scuttle Town. She manage to drive off the pirate Risky Boots once last time, however now Risky is back and has stolen some sort of magic lamp from Shantae uncle. However in order to use it Risky needs some magic seals, and Shantae is now after the barons that now hold them in their possession to keep them safe. The game is kind of charming and a little bit on the silly side. Yeah you don’t have character’s look like this without some innuendo in there and there is plenty. Plus a call back to Contra 3 I have got to give you points for that Wayforward.

You take the word Risky out of that line

And you get the opening dialogue to Contra 3 the alien wars. Also to note Wayforward worked on Contra 4 for the DS.
And you get the opening dialogue to Contra 3 the alien wars. Also to note Wayforward worked on Contra 4 for the DS.


The best way to describe Shantae Risky Revenge is it is like Castlevania 2, you know if Castlevania 2 was actually good. You have an open world, with dungeons to find and puzzles to solve and clear. The map for the most part is fairly open but you will need to unlock certain animal abilities before you can proceed. Yeah in each Dungeon Shantae finds and explores there will be a fountain with what looks like a very naked genie inside it which will grant her a transformational ability that she can use by belly dancing with the Y button. The monkey can jump high and climb on things, the elephant can charge through things, and the mermaid can swim underwater. Once you get a new transformation or power up a transformation you will be able to access areas and find secrets and power ups for Shantae to discover.

Has far has attacks and abilities go Shantae has her whip hair plus magic that can be purchase from the shop. Things like fire balls or magical iron balls that form around her and other useful magic can be purchase plus life refilling potions.

The world design for the most part is flawless and the dungeons and there puzzles can be hard but never over the top. The bosses are well done and incredibly fun that I wish there was more of them, and they even included a pretty fun SCHMUP stage. The game is old school but rarely is it old school in the way that is over the top frustrating.

The game isn’t too long about 5 hour is what it takes to beat the game, and games like this have the Metroid curve of replaying again to see how many more items you can find and can you do it in less time challenge.

Also to increase the replay the steam version has the dancer costume that can be unlocked after you beat the game. Similar to putting Samus in a swimsuit after you beat the game, this puts Shantae in a dancer’s bikini that increase her magic but decreases her defense. Haven’t played much with this costume but it looks to be an interesting idea, in more ways than one. Also there are steam achievements and some of them look to be on the ridiculously hard side to get. So there are plenty of things to keep a person happy.

If Samus could do it why not Shantae
If Samus could do it why not Shantae

I do also have to mention the game did crash on me a few times has well, it’s just a PC thing it’s annoying but it didn’t stop from playing it.


Some really good mid-eastern themes, no real voice acting here outside of some grunts. Overall the music is actually pretty good. Not the best Wayforward sound track but it’s still really good.

Final Recommendation.

I give Shantae a 4 out of 5, yeah the graphics could have used a little bit more of an update to adjust that this game would be played on high definition monitors but if you can look past the blocky pixels you will find one hell of a charming game. It’s got some decent game design, some fun dungeons, and some really decent puzzles, add in a lot of charm in just the whole thing is put together and it’s hard for me not to recommend this one.


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