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Shiny Pokémon Hunting 6th Generation: The Complete Guide

Updated on July 5, 2016

Things to Remember: Even though you can have a rate of up to 1/512, does not guarantee that the 512th encounter will make you encounter a Shiny. Your odds of finding a Shiny remain at 1/512, therefore it could take you longer than 512 encounters to encounter a Shiny.

My Shinies obtained through various sources, kept in Pokémon Bank
My Shinies obtained through various sources, kept in Pokémon Bank

Common Shiny Hunter Tools

Shiny Charm: This is obtained from your Pokémon Professor by capturing all of the Pokémon in the National Pokédex, excluding Event Pokémon. It triples your odds to 1/1365 in Random Encounters and Horde Encounters, and raises your odds with the Masuda Method Breeding and Chain Fishing to 1/512. It doesn’t work in the Friend Safari or for Radar Chaining. It is unknown at this time whether it has an effect on DexNav Chaining.

Oval Charm: Obtained from your Pokémon Professor by seeing all 210 Pokémon in your Regional Pokédex. Increases your odds of finding Eggs at the Pokémon Day Care. Useful for Masuda Method Breeding.

Poké Ball Choices: Master Ball (Automatic); Quick Ball (4x chance of capture if thrown on first turn); Dusk Ball (3.5x chance of capture if used at night or in caves); Repeat Ball (3x chance of capture if you have already obtained the Pokémon); Timer Ball (up to 4x chance of capture the longer the battle goes on).

Pokémon with the Suction Cups Ability or Sticky Hold Ability, useful for Chain Fishing. Decreases odds of not getting a bite.

Pokémon with the Flame Body Ability or Magma Armor Ability, useful for hatching eggs 2x faster. Can be stacked with Hatching O-Power for a total hatching rate of 4x. Cannot be stacked with each other.

Pokémon with the move Sweet Scent or the item Honey for Horde Encounters.

Super Repels to prevent your chain from breaking, useful in Radar Chaining and DexNav Chaining.

Capture O-Power increases your chances of capture, useful for all methods except Masuda Method Breeding.

Encounter O-Power raises your chances of having an encounter, useful for Random Encounters, Friend Safari and DexNav Chaining.

Hatching O-Power at level 3, increases your hatch rate to 2x. Can be stacked with the Pokémon ability Flame Body or Magma Armor for a total hatch rate of 4x. Useful for Masuda Method Breeding.

Random Encounters

Difficulty: Easy. Speed: Slow

Odds: 1/4096 without Shiny Charm, 1/1365 with Shiny Charm.

Tools: Shiny Charm, Super Repels, Capture O-Power, Encounter O-Power, and Poké Balls of your choice.

Description: Using your Shiny Hunting Tools, you use any method of encountering Pokémon until you run into a shiny.

My Shiny Stantler I caught in Omega Ruby on Mirage Mountain
My Shiny Stantler I caught in Omega Ruby on Mirage Mountain

Horde Encounters

Difficulty: Easy. Speed: Fast

Odds: 1/4096 x 5 without Shiny Charm; 1/1365 x 5 with Shiny Charm.

Tools: Pokémon with Sweet Scent move or the item Honey, Shiny Charm, Poké Balls of your choice, and Capture O-Power.

Description: Using Capture O-Power, Shiny Charm and then either Sweet Scent or Honey, encounter a horde of Pokémon until you encounter one with a Shiny. Remember, you have to faint the other 4 Pokémon before you can catch the Shiny, therefore Quick Balls will not work here. Be careful so you do not faint the Shiny Pokémon.

My Shiny Sandshrew!
My Shiny Sandshrew!

Soft Resetting

Difficulty: Easy. Speed: Slow

Used when encountering a Legendary Pokémon or your Starter Pokémon.

To soft reset, hold down L+R+START or L+R+SELECT

Pokémon you cannot obtain as a Shiny in X&Y: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde. In ORAS: Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza and Deoxys.

Description: Save the game before encountering the Legendaries you are trying to find as Shiny, keeping in mind the Pokémon that are Shiny locked in your game, then continually encountering and then soft resetting until you encounter a Shiny. When picking your starter, keep starting and soft resetting until the starter of your choice is Shiny.

I caught my Shiny Heatran in Pokémon Platinum.
I caught my Shiny Heatran in Pokémon Platinum.

Masuda Breeding Method

Difficulty: Medium. Speed: Slow

Odds: 1/683 without Shiny Charm, 1/512 with Shiny Charm.

Tools: Shiny Charm, Hatching O-Power, Pokémon with either Flame Body or Magma Armor, and use your Bike to speed up the process.

Description: Leave two parents from different regions to increase chance of finding a shiny (easiest way: get a Ditto from a different region and breed him with Pokémon from yours and other regions. Increasing chances of finding an egg further: Two parents are same species and with different Original Trainers. Keep obtaining and hatching eggs, replenishing your Hatching O-Power when necessary and available, until you hatch a Shiny.

My Shiny Starly I hatched from an egg
My Shiny Starly I hatched from an egg

Chain Fishing

Difficulty: Medium. Speed: Fast

Odds: Increases as your chain increases.

Tools: any Fishing Rod, Shiny Charm, Capture O-Power, Pokémon with Suction Cups or Sticky Hold Ability at the front of your party, Poké Balls of your choice.

Description: Find a spot against rocks or land to fish and stay in one spot without moving or leaving. You don’t have to encounter the same Pokémon, and you have the choice of knocking out, capturing, or running away from the battles. Ways to break your chain: moving, reeling in too fast or too slow, getting the message that nothing’s biting.

Caught this Shiny Corphish last night while Chain Fishing
Caught this Shiny Corphish last night while Chain Fishing

Pokémon X & Y Exclusive: Friend Safari

Difficulty: Easy. Speed: Medium

Odds of a shiny in Friend Safari: 1/512.

Tools: Capture O-Power, Encounter O-Power, Poké Balls of your choice.

Note: Shiny Charm doesn’t work in Friend Safari.

Description: The Friend Safari is located in Kiloude City, and gets better based on how many friends you have registered in your PSS. If your friend has defeated the Elite Four, they will have 3 Pokémon in their Friend Safari, otherwise they will have 2. In addition, the Pokémon have a chance of having their Hidden Ability and have 2 IVs of 31. All you have to do to find shinies here is run around until you run into one.

Also hatched this Poochyena
Also hatched this Poochyena

Pokémon X & Y Exclusive : Poké Radar Chaining

Difficulty: Hard. Speed: Fast

Tools: Poké Radar: Get the Poké Radar after beating the game by talking to the scientist next to the Poké Ball machine on the second floor of the Professor’s lab in Lumiose City. Super Repels, Capture O-Power, Poke Balls of your choice.

Shiny Charm doesn’t work for Radar Chaining.

Description: Run around in tall grass until you find the Pokémon you want to chain for, then knock it out to continue your chain. Once you knock out the Pokémon, the grass will shake again and the music will change. Don’t forget to use Super Repel! Don’t walk into shaking grass on the edge of the field, or use the Poké Radar at the edge of the field. The grass will be shaking at different speeds and sounds, but only the best grass moves a lot and makes the most noise. Wear headphones to better hear the noise of the grass. Your goal is to encounter and knock out or capture the same Pokémon 40 times in a row, which increases your odds to 1/200 per patch. Then just keep using and resetting your Radar until you see a patch of grass that is sparkling. If you don’t like the looks of the grass that’s shaking, just reset your Radar by taking 50 steps. As long as the music is still playing, you’re still good to go, just be sure while you’re walking to dodge any patches of grass you don’t want to enter that appear to be shaking. Once you’ve chained 40, you don’t need to step into new grass patches. If grass sparkles while you are chaining, go ahead and step into it to guarantee yourself a wild Shiny Pokémon.

Ways to break your chain: bad grass, not using Repel, finding a different Pokémon, leaving the area of grass you are chaining at, quitting the game, not knocking out or capturing each Pokémon (running away will break your chain!), walking into shaking grass on the edge of the field or using Poké Radar at the edge of the field.

Sometimes, when you’re using the Poké Radar, the music will change. The music will last from 1 to 5 Radar turns. After the music slows down, you can continue the chain as if nothing happened. Fast music means you have a 1/200 chance of finding a Shiny. If this happens, just keep using the Radar until a sparkling patch of grass appears.

Caught my Shiny Spinda while using the DexNav
Caught my Shiny Spinda while using the DexNav

ORAS Exclusive: DexNav Chaining

Difficulty: Medium. Speed: Medium

Odds: Likely to be around 1/512.

Tools: Encounter O-Power, Capture O-Power, Super Repels, Poké Balls of your choice.

Description: Keep in mind that research is still being conducted on the points of the DexNav, therefore this information is still inconclusive. Open the DexNav app on your lower screen and tap on a Pokémon you’ve encountered before. If it doesn’t appear nearby, you can take a handful of steps and try again. It’s recommended that you use the Acro Bike to hop in place to count steps for the DexNav, but without using in-game steps for things like Repels. If you do run into a Pokémon and it’s not a Shiny, it is recommended that you knock it out or capture it to increase your chances of continuing your search on DexNav. Things that don’t decrease the odds of finding a Shiny are: running into a different Pokémon on your DexNav or walking too fast and scaring the Pokémon away. It isn’t likely that running into the same Pokémon consecutively, creating bigger chains, or the Shiny Charm will increase your odds, either.

Thank you very much for making it this far! If there is anything I’ve missed, please feel free to let me know and I will remedy the mistake as soon as possible. Also, feel free to let me know which Pokémon is the most beautiful Pokémon in your opinion! After a while, Krookodiles!

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