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Sim City 4 Reviewed

Updated on May 29, 2009

Now I am sure that you all have seen the newest edition of the SimCity Game. However, I must say that I have played that game and still prefer using SimCity 4. Now granted this is an older version of the SimCity games, so the graphics are not as good as the newest edition. However, this game has many more positives than the newest version.

The first positive that I would like to cover is that the game play is smoother. Now you might ask what I mean by that, but the game allows you to face some of the challenges that you would face as a real mayor. Some of the challenges that I know that I have faced is budget shortfalls, citizens complaining, and at times disasters. While in these all make the game more realistic it makes it more interesting because how you cope with the shortfalls and disasters will determine how well your city does.

Some of the other positives that I have found with this game is that the type of building zone that you place will control what goes into that location. You also have the possibility that all cities face and that is pollution. For instance I accidently set my city up wrong in the beginning of one of my games because I clicked the wrong button and placed a heavy industrial zone that turned into a factory in the middle of my high rise complexes which decreased the tax rate from the highest possible to the lowest and turned them into a shanty town.

Now granted the newest version of SimCity does allow you to have more of an income than the taxes, but in my opinion that game is to easy. You can grow your city without having to worry about the budget concerns you just have a lot of other factors that you have to balance. However, the factors in the new version in my opinion are not matching to what happens in reality. So if you want what I view as more realistic feel the SimCity 4 is the game for you.

Now overall I would have to say that SimCity 4 is a great buy. The amount of input that you have to put into the game with strategy is great. However, once you decide to play the game you will probably fall in love with it as well. The amount of time that you have to put in to get your city up and running perfectly though you will need to spend many hours of great fun at your computer.


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