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Sim City Returns

Updated on June 16, 2012

The original

Sim city for those that are in the dark when it comes to video gaming is essentially a city building simulation in which the lives of your Sims and the structures that you place all depend on you. With a limited amount of funds and a blank plot of land must create first a village and then a town and then with the skills and money you pick up on the way develop your town into a bustling multi-cultural city full of life and opportunity.

Sim city was first released in 1989 and nobody had quite seen a game like it, In fact this game was to lead the way for all of the Sim titles we have had since then. The brilliance with the game's playing style meant that although you could neither win nor lose the game essentially, what you did do was when you got bored and wanted to start again you could rain havoc on your city with a host of natural disasters, This was a brilliant plan as it led to you essentially being able to watch your city self destruct and then either be rebuilt or start from scratch.

Occasionally these disasters would happen anyway which would leave you cursing as your newly built hospital was left underwater by a huge tidal wave. This is what kept people coming back for more though and it was simply put genius.


So popular has this series of games been that it has spawned several sequels, These are notably Sim city 2000 which I loved as it had elements of the futuristic in it that today probably wouldn't seem that futuristic. Also released were Sim city 3000 and Sim city 4.

Sim city societies was released in 2007 and did not do very well which was a shame as it was a brilliant idea, the buildings were unlocked depending on what kind of community you were building so your city could look totally different to your friends.

Sim City Returns

Simply called Sim City this is a brand new fresh title to come out of the Maxxis group and was recently announced at the annual E3 show in Los Angeles. It is a remake of the first Sim city and stays true to the original albeit they have added some new features, this version comes with new graphics and animations that look like they will add real depth to the game. A new game engine has been brought in to keep this game up to date and this is what will bring the traffic and water flow to life.

For the first time in Sim cities history the roads that you can lay down will have curved versions. Online play is also introduced for the first time and the thought of building cities to compete with your friends is simply mouth watering. Me and a friend have already been bragging about how are cities will be supercities that will beat each others and the game is still 8 months away.

It has only been announced for the pc at the moment but an xbox and PlayStation version is to be expected and will please console owners, I for one cannot wait.


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