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Simcity4 Tips & Tricks (PLUS SOME CHEATS)

Updated on December 27, 2009
Simcity 4, a world of possibillites.
Simcity 4, a world of possibillites.

Tips & Tricks

Alright, I know that some of you may need help so here am I to help u! Alight, first thing to do:

1) Choose a desirable place (I prefer to build at the bottom left corner) and measure a 10 x 4 place. Build an Avenue at the end of you 10 x 4 rectangle.

2) ALWAYS BUILD LOW DENSITY ARES FIRST! Zone a 5 x 2 residential area at anywhere u like near the avenue. The Avenue is to help u increase the 'flowness' of traffic. Got it?

3) Ok, now you need a 5 x 2 commercial area. Remember, only build WIND POWER PLANTS and also, donot build industry first.

4) I know you might be saying industry is a must but dirty & manfuacturing industry bring in air pollution, and if they have water they turn it brown and you end up destroying you own city from the inside out. Try resisting it.

5) Build a clinic. Lower the funding to your current city's need. One more thing, build a local branch library and an elementary school. And, lower their funding to your current city's need. Fire station & police station are required. But first only build a police kiosk as you are just developing your city. Wait for the first fire to start, then build your fire station *wink*

6) Do missions, and build Small Landing Strip and do the mission for the sky writer plane, but do the one for Dr. Vu and you cover the squares with the color. You can end up with 70000. And by the way, the mayor rating is not much affected by the mayor rating: -80. Just make sure u have at least 2 bars of green mayor rating before doing it.

7) Once you have enough money, expand your city by doing step 1 again. Once your high-tech RCI demand become positive, increase the tax for the dirty and manufacturing industry to 20% to show them that they are not welcome. Their RCI demand will drop.

8) Increase funding to your citys need, after your population reachs 3000 or 4000, build a hospital (lower funding to your city's need of course -.-) and then, zone industry near your residential areas. Ok, you need water for high-tech industry but then here's a cheat:

-Press Ctrl - X, type in howdryiam and then press enter

9) Build a high school and build a college near it. Now, build a Small Police station, max its funding (or maybe you can reach its normal funding aat the white thing).

10) Increase taxes to 10%, Sims wont bother the tax if they have good welfare and services and they will think that they deserve what they get. Ok, now remember, start a bus service system. Rich sims wont drive (and that's why I told you to build low density areas) and remember to build a parking garage near the bus stop. This encourages people to park and ride. Also, go to the city ordinances and click the 'Commuter Shuttle Program' and this does the same thing too.

11) Placing the bus stops aren't easy. Most of the time my bus effectiveness only reaches 60%. Place them at residential areas, and then build some at industry areas. It helps if you have a subway station, this allows a fast commuting area.

12) Now for the hard bit. Rewards. Here are the Pros and Cons for each Reward

Toxic Waste Dump: Gives you money but decrease your health rating.

Casino: Gives you money but makes Sims a little bit unhappy.

Army Base: Gives you money but decrease traffic flow.

Area 5.1 [Top Secret]: Gives you money but decreases your city's safety rating.

Federal Prison: Gives you money and a jail but decreases city's desirability.

Missile Range: Gives you money but decreases city's safety rating (may cause accident if missile landed in the city but not out to space).

Mayor Mansion: Makes the place you build desirable for high-density and high-tech industry and residential areas but costs $1800 (but who gives a damn? its just $1800 monthly)

Marina: Makes Sims Happy but accidents do happen sometimes.

Lighthouse: Increases the effectiveness of Marinas and Seaports but (be happy, theres no cons for this reward, well, i cant think of one anyway).

Country Club: Attracts the rich but makes poor Sims jealous and thus unhappy.

Farmer's Market: Increases Agriculture demand and makes Sims have better eating habits but dirties the land and decreases desirability.

State Fair: Increases Agriculture demand but decreases desirability.

University: Provides a wealth of a knowledge to Sims but costs a lot of money!

Major Art Museum: Attracts artist, increasing education rating but decreases commercial demand (that's what always happen to me...)

Radio Station: Sims wont be bored, increases commercial demand and does not cost money but decreases industry demand.

City Hall: Increases Mayor Rating but costs money and sometimes worsens the situation.

Bureau of Bureaucracy (sorry no pros) Wastes your money and space.

Major League Stadium: Increase Residential demand and your city may prosper if big leagues come to your stadium but costs a lot of money, yes, A lot.

Advanced Research Center: Increases education rating but decreases desirabillity of the whole city. Even though you cant see it.



House of Worship: Gives the Sims a place to hold weddings (I am married you know) and a place to relax a bit. No Cons for this one.

Private School: Free to build (only funding) and provides education but makes some Sims upset.

Minor League Stadium: Let Sims relax after a day of hard work but costs money and may even decrease commercial & industry demand.

Main Library: Increases the effectiveness of all libraries in the city and acts as ANOTHER library but (what but?! there ain't any cons for this!).

Disease Research Center: Acts like another hospital and increases health rating but decreases the desirability around the building.

Opera House: Adds culture to your Sims' lives but costs A lot of money.

Tourist Trap: Makes tourists cough up more money but decreases the temptation for tourists to come to your city.

Convention Center: Increases your city's business opportunities but decreases commercial demand a little bit.

Television station: Bump up your city's business opportunities but decreases industry & agriculture demand a little bit.

City Zoo: Makes Sims SUPER DUPER HAPPY! but (no cons! How great is that?!)

Courthouse: Provides a speedy and fair justice system but costs money.

Resort Hotel: Makes Sims happy and creates 1000 jobs for Sims (and lets tourists stay too if you did not notice) but no cons at all!

Cruise Ship Port: Increases your city's business opportunities but costs money (a lot).

Movie Studio: Bump up tourism but costs money too (a lot and by the way, most of the good buildings cost money)

Stock Exchange: Attracts large corporations to your cities which means increasing your commercial demand, and allows the building of office building more easily but what more can you expect? It decreases R$$$ demand!

Space Port: High-tech industry demand will be given a small boost but costs 96000 dollars and decreases desirability around it so finding a place to build it can be tricky.

Alright! that's all! GOODBYE! and pls comment!

p.s. for easy money, build an open grass area at any spot. then wait for 1 month. then demolish it. you would end with and additional 2-4 billion you might never run out of money.


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    • profile image

      Bob 5 years ago

      I'm sure you mean well, but most of the advice on this page is useless/wrong/cheating.

      For example, I don't know why you would recommend building ONLY wind power plants. As long as its far away gas, or even oil and coal, plants will be much more cost effective, and scale with your growing city.

      For a starter city, industry is generally better so choose it over commercial if you want. There is higher demand for industry in the early stages of the game, so use it.

      Basically, his advice only works if you have endless stores of money - which if you play the game on hard as it's meant to be played, you won't. DON'T build hospitals too early.

    • profile image

      fellkyrinla 6 years ago from Anywhere you pinpoint on the map

      @Ben Yea, u only need to have one open grass area. I'm this guy's friend and he's kinda inactive and dead to the world. He went overseas to Australia and he immigrated.

    • profile image

      Ben 6 years ago

      Do you only have to put one open grass area in?

    • profile image

      Jorm 6 years ago

      The reward building info was pretty handy.

    • andychan profile image

      andychan 8 years ago from Somewhere in this World

      Hey guys! I am new and I come from Singapore! Hope you like my first hub. I have published many tips and tricks and sometimes cheats (hehe) in some other sites which I will not tell you :).

      My English is just above average and if you can't understand it in English you can ask me to write it in other language! I am glad to be of service.