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Simple Way to Store Leftover Paint

Updated on August 21, 2011

Paint Storage

Recently I had some touch-up painting to do and tried to find the can of paint from the original job so the color would match. LIttle did I realize I'd done a very smart thing, which prompted this article.

Have you ever painted a room and had only a little paint left in the can, or damaged the rim of a paint can enough that it wouldn't seal anymore? How to save the left-over paint so it will keep and be reusable, that's the question.

Here's the answer. If it's a small amount of paint, say a pint or less, then take an empty plastic bottle like one that originally held pancake syrup, relish or mustard. Wash and rinse it out well, and then pour the paint into it, twist the top on securely, and label the bottle so you know which room the paint matches (or the name of the color and its code). Then store it at room temperature in a safe place.

The paint I needed was kept in a syrup bottle with a squirt tip and had been on the shelf for two years. I just shook the bottle up well and squirted enough out into a paint tray to cover the area I needed to repaint.

Simple, neat - and much safer than trying to reuse the original paint can. Try it. You'll like the result!


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