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Sims 3 | A Torrid Intergenerational Love Affair

Updated on October 14, 2009
Merovingian, studly and fashionable...
Merovingian, studly and fashionable...

Meet Merovingian Toodles, Merovingian is an adult Sim, an insane evil genius who loves books and working out and is highly charismatic. In short, Merovingian Toodles is a complete and utter psychopath.

Merovingian didn't ask to be created, but he took the little spark of life he was granted and ran with it.

In the moment of his inception, finding himself suddenly conceived inside a rather dingy home, Merovingian decided to introduce himself to his more affluent neighbors by kicking over their trash can. They missed this particular event, but happened to be going out at the time he arrived. Not to be put off by the request of the man of the house for him to leave, Merovingian hovered creepily around the porch until Grandma came home to look after the baby. Grandma took pity on Merovingian and let him in.

Whilst Grandma made a cup of tea, Merovingian went into the child's room, put its toys away in the toy box, then stole a piece of candy from the baby.

He then left the room, oozed over to Grandma, cracked a few jokes and asked if she was single. As it turned out she was. Less than a minute or two later, Grandma and Merovingian were making out. Both over the moon, Merovingian went to watch TV, and Grandma put baby in his high chair and fed him.

Sweet sweet May - December love...

Grandma knows her son would not approve of this...
Grandma knows her son would not approve of this...

Grandma proceeded to make dinner and eat it, apparently forgetting Merovingian's presence in the house. The man of the house and father to the baby came home and Grandma simply took herself to bed, evidently ashamed of her secret lover upstairs.

Meanwhile, Merovingian had discovered a book in the book case and sat down to read it. All night long. Grandma woke up at 1 am and suggested that it was late and he should perhaps go home. Merovingian pretended to comply, leaving through the front door, but simply went around the back of the house, climbed up their deck and sat reading on their back patio.

Why yes, there is a creepy man on the roof...
Why yes, there is a creepy man on the roof...

Within two hours of his inception, Merovingian Toodles made out with an older woman, perpetrated two separate crimes against a child, stole a book, and then skipped work because he stayed up all night reading atop someone else's house.

What happened next?

Merovingian invites Grandma back to his place, then leaves her waiting wistfully outside whilst he has his breakfast. Eventually he lets her in and indulges in a little huggy kissy action before taking himself off to bed. Plagued with the weak bladder of the elderly, Grandma goes to the bathroom, only to discover that the toilet is blocked up and the sink is broken. Standing in a pile of backwash waste, Grandma does what any woman in love does...

Cleans up whilst her evil toyboy sleeps the sleep of the wicked...


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    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      It would seem so ;)

    • SatinJenni profile image


      9 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

      He looks to be wearing floral boyshort panties in the first picture... Is that possible?


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