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Sims 3 Expansion Pack!

Updated on October 28, 2009

Sims 3 Expansion Pack - World Adventures

The first Expansion pack has been announced and is ready to be released on November 17, 2009.

Now that Sims 3 has been out for awhile it's time to let our imagination run and let our sims escape the confines of suburban life and explore exotic new locations.

Scott Evans, the General Manager of the SIms 3 at EA is very pleased with the global success that Sims 3 has made in the last few months and is even more excited about the release of the first expansion pack "World Adventures". Players will be able to take their sims on the adventure of a lifetime and explore new exotics locations outside Sunset valley and Riverview. By allowing your sims to venture outside the lines in their new open ended gameplay, they will now be able to go even further and pursue thrilling new life destinies in locations around the world that until now, only you could go. Your sims will now be able to step out and go to 3 different locations that will allow them to discover new cities in China, France, and Egypt.

First Stop- China

For the first time ever, your sims will be able to travel to China and Master the art of Kung fu. To truly master this new discipline your sims will have to defeat several worthy opponents in the Grand Tournament of China. If by any chance your sim just wants to stay home and learn this new ability on their own, they will have the option to study up by reading many books or they can buy the board breaker or training dummy. Going this route will take a bit longer, but by breaking many boards your sims will soon be on their way to Kung fu Greatness.

Second Stop- Egypt

New landmarks to Explore-When your sims set off to explore Egypt they will be able to walk through famous landmarks such as the Great Pyramid of Giza and other notable tombs. They may search for special artefact's that they can take home with them to show off to friends and family or display in their house as a reminder of the fun time they had.

New personality traits-While visiting their chosen destination there will be plenty of computer generated sims that they can meet that will have an exotic touch to them. Your sims may even be lucky enough to fall in love with one of them and take them home to start a new family. Families born this way can introduce new and exciting personality traits and abilities.

Traps-The adventures in Egypt involve a lot of pushing and pulling of statues to the traps ( fire traps, electric shot traps, and arrow traps).  Some of the traps can be hard for some sims to figure out and some can be scary.  Your sims can also do back flips and fly over the traps. 

Snake Charmers-  Your sims can become snake charmers as well.  You can buy a basket with a snake in it at the grocery store and play music to charm it into a dance.  Not sure if it makes any difference if you play bad or good. 

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Final Stop- France

From what I hear the music in France is Awesome!  The Animation that is seen while loading into France is beautiful, and it has a country atmosphere that is green and flat with lots of cute country houses.  The town is supposed to be really cute with lots of shops.  You can also buy scooters in Egypt and France since this is there source of transportation. 

There are lots of adventures that your sims can go on.  They involve you solving puzzles and finding keys.  Some are easy, and some you can even buy at the store. Some you will have to accept challenges in order to complete. 

There are a ton of different grapes that you can make nectar with.  Some are good but some are not so good and make your sims fall down a lot. 

There is also a new recipe in France for Frog legs.  I also heard that you can fish for frogs in the lakes or ponds.  They are really cute. I don't know if you can catch frogs in sunset valley but you can in all the new towns.


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