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Sims 3 Download | Shameful Shack

Updated on April 14, 2011

The Shameful Shack is a lot I made to fill what I feel is a gap in the current sim real estate market - filthy houses that should have been knocked down years ago. The Shameful Shack is a house on brick piles out of necessity. All that stagnant water under the house breeds clouds of mosquitoes and god only knows why there's often rustling in the bushes on dark nights. At first you might be excited by the fact that the house comes with a free car, but that old jalopy is a combination death trap and money pit designed specifically to make environmentally aware sims wail tears of rage.

In spite of its dilapidated state, the Shameful Shack comes with all the comforts of home. Iron frame bed, tastes like fridge fridge and a boombox that plays all the latest hits. There's even a washer / dryer combo to save you trips to the laundrette. How's that for thoughtful huh? Sure, your clothes come out smelling a little like wet rat, but beggars can't be freshly laundered.

How To Place The Shameful Shack

This lot will fit onto pretty much any spare space you can find on your map. I find it works best if you use the 'add lot' tool and try to cram it in next to something nice. The juxtaposition is nice, and diving surrounding house prices are a fringe benefit.

If you're not using the additional lots too, you really should be, it allows you to customize existing worlds any way you please and it's a completely underrated tool. You can find it in the 'World Editor' button on the 'Edit Town' screen. Just click that button and you'll be able to place new lots of various sizes in an exciting new range of locations. That's how I managed to get this Shameful Shack lot right in the middle of Sunset Valley. Just bulldoze the central park and the lot associated with it and place new ones. You can fit multiple lots in locations that used to be totally monopolized by just one large lot, and I personally found the experience very liberating indeed.

The Shameful Shack will fit almost anywhere because it was built on one of the the smallest lot sizes available, just 20 by 20. (Of course, lot sizes go all the way down to 10 by 10 a size I'll certainly be using in my future nefarious design plans.)

Download the Shameful Shack Free!


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