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Sims 3 Questions | Are All Sims 3 Sims Disabled?

Updated on August 25, 2009
At least these Sims have some sort of reason to simply contemplate a door for hours on end...
At least these Sims have some sort of reason to simply contemplate a door for hours on end...

Sims Moan # 364058490 Sims Are Incredibly Slow

Something you'll notice almost straight away when you play the Sims 3 is how long it takes sims to achieve anything at all. Even walking from one room to another is a big effort for a sim, requiring several minutes contemplation at each end of the process, and slow, considered steps between the two locations.

How much of a problem is this when it comes to long term game play? Well....

In every day life:

  • A shower takes anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, at the extreme maximum.

  • Walking the length of a bed takes about three seconds (this measurement will become important later on.)

  • Guys take a couple of minutes to pee at most.

  • Foods like waffles can be made in under an hour.

In the Sims 3

  • A shower takes a minimum of 20 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for standing there blankly contemplating the starving feeling in the sim's stomach.

  • Walking the length of a bed takes two sim minutes.

  • Making waffles takes one hour and ten minutes to achieve.

  • Eating waffles takes approximately 20 minutes.

  • Peeing takes almost 10 minutes

All this means that by the time the sim has woken up, taken a shower, made breakfast and eaten it, two to three hours have gone by. The sim then works around 5 and a half hours a day, and must sleep for around eight hours , not to mention eat again, another process which takes another hour or two. Essentially, the Sims 3 is a study of the slowed down mundane aspects of everyday life. Even urinating is slow when you're a sim, with male sims taking an average of 10 minutes just to pee.

The only conclusion that I can reach here is that all sims in the Sims 3 are slightly disabled, or perhaps stuck in some kind of simlish bullet time that never ends. Most players will end up fast forwarding through 90% of their sims' lives, because let's face it, once you've seen one drawn out cooking animation, you've seen them all, and the sight of your sims just lying there asleep for hours on end is hardly fascinating.

Would it be perhaps unrealistic to shorten the amount of time spent taken on the mundane activities of everyday life? Sure. But this is a game, and we play games to escape reality. If I wanted to see life passing by in a series of ultimately pointless boring activities I'd observe my own life more closely.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      hi!I'm eleven years old.sims 3 super good!!!

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      I haven't played with the moodlet manager yet properly - sounds like fun! But how does this effect the fact that sims essentially have no free time because it is all taken up with mundane activities? Oooh, is it because they no longer need to eat and shower and whatnot? Hm. Seems like a clunky solution to what is, I think, a major underlying game play problem. Unless you want to cheat and just get the thing at the beginning of the game.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I completely agree with you on this one, Hope. But this problem can be made much less annoying with an object called the "moodlet manager." It costs 60,000 aspiration points, but a sim can use it to cure all of their needs. Unfortunately, maxis has yet to release an expansion pack that gives sims something interesting to do in their spare time. Fortunately, the moodlet manager solves this problem to, as it can be used "zap" other sims and make them unhappy. Endless fun!


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