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Sims 3 Vampire Children | How To Make A Vampire Baby

Updated on December 12, 2010

The Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack came with all sorts of new and exciting features. There was a fish tank that required a wall only slightly smaller than the great wall of China to fit it in, there was an exciting array of new wallpaper – and there was the chance to turn your sims into Vampires.

One of the oft debated aspects of Vampire lore is the production and existence of Vampire children. According to some lore, (Interview with the Vampire lore, to be precise,) children turned into Vampires as children will never age. This is not only a little creepy, but rather defeats the purpose of the Sims 3, which is essentially a large breeding program with additional furniture.

If you are yet to purchase the Late Night Sims 3 expansion pack and were wondering what the status of Vampire children is in the game, this is the article you've been waiting for all your life. Or a few months. Or since you decided to do a Google search.

Vampires can have children in the Sims 3. Two vampire parents produce a vampire child – and on occasion (or perhaps always, I haven't tested this exhaustively as yet,) one vampire parent and one human parent will also create a vampire child. However, though the vampire child has many of the characteristics of its vampiric parents, it also maintains many normal sim conditions throughout its childhood. For example, Vampire children can go to school, play outside and have green 'needs' bars.

There are a few subtle hints that eternal darkness is in their future though, the floating 'V's when they sleep are one little top off, as are the bats that fly above their heads when they do homework. There's also the pale glowing eyes and red hue around their portraits to give the game away as well.

In The Sims 3, children born vampires don't come into their full vampiric powers until they are young adults. Though they can drink plasma juice as children, they won't be able to hunt, read minds, learn skills at twice the normal rate or move twice as fast as any normal sim until they achieve maturity. This allows them to have a 'normal' childhood and not turn out like little madmen and madwomen because they never got to go to school or play with other children.

It is quite possible for a single sim to create an entire lineage of dark ones. Can you handle that responsibility?


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