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Sims 3 World Adventures: A guide to Champs Les sims

Updated on June 28, 2012
The beautiful view of Champs Les Sims
The beautiful view of Champs Les Sims | Source

Welcome to Champs Les Sims

Champs Les Sims is the French tourist destination in the Sims 3 expansion pack World Adventures. Here, your Sims can learn the delightful skill of nectar making, visit iconic French vineyards, eat local delicacies like frog legs and most importantly, uncover ancient secrets and discover valuable treasures!

Basic Gamplay

The basic gameplay of Champs Les Sims is very similar to those in the two other tourist destinations in Sims 3 World Adventures – Shang Simla and Al Simhara. The length of stay your Sims can enjoy depends on his or her Visa level, which can be improved through quests, the purchase of a vacation home or special visa license from the Special Merchant in France. The cost of your vacation also varies depending on the number of days your Sims plans to stay there. Champs Les Sims is the most expensive of the three vacation destinations. In addition, your Sims would need basic travel equipment such as tent, dried food and shower-in-a-can once he or she gets there. So it is important to save up your Sims’ household funds before he or she embarks on the vacation.

In general, Level 0 Visa gives your Sims 3 days of travel, Level 1 = 5 days, Level 2 = 8 days, Level 3 = 10 days. Following Level 3, you may purchase a special visa license with ancient coins to lengthen your Sims’ stay to 12 days. Other factors such as having the “Prepared Traveller” reward (10,000 Lifetime Points) and owning a vacation home will also extend your Sims’ stay.

Base Camp is located conveniently in the heart of the city.
Base Camp is located conveniently in the heart of the city. | Source

Base Camp

The default home location for your Sims – otherwise known as Base Camp – in Champs Les Sims is perhaps the best out of all three tourist destinations. It doesn’t have any long never-ending stairs like Shang Simla and it is well furnished unlike Al Simhara which only has tents for beds. Furthermore, Champ Les Sims’ base camp is located in the heart of the town, right next door to all the local stores where your Sims can purchase the necessary exploring equipments.

Basic Equipments

Although your Sims can eat, sleep and take care of bodily needs at the Base Camp, once they’re exploring a tomb, it may be days before they resurface. So before they embark on an exciting adventure, you should stock your Sims up with items to look after the following three needs.

Energy: To replenish your Sims’ energy level, you need to purchase a tent for him or her to sleep in. There are two options: Sim Scouts’ Classic Camper for $220 or Colesim 2br Edition Tent for $2,700. This is perhaps the most important for all three bodily functions because once your Sims’ energy level is low, they would refuse to continue on with the quest. This could be potentially dangerous if your Sims is stuck in a room where s/he needs to swim through a tunnel or push a statue in order to exit the tomb and reach civilization.

Food: Here, fruits and dried food are the best options – plates of food will go bad in your Sims’ inventory after a certain amount of time. Dried food comes in three options which differ in quality, cost and how long your Sims will have the “nice meal” moddlet.

Hygiene: Although your Sims’ bladder needs will remain unchanged while your Sims is in a tomb, you still need to look after your Sims’ hygiene. Clearing rubbles and pushing statues are all dirty work. Having a shower-in-a-can ($120) in your Sims inventory can spare your Sims from having a nasty mood due to a low hygiene level. What’s more, if your Sims is accidentally burnt from a firetrap, the shower-in-a-can can quickly relieve them of their “burnt” status.

The Adventure Board
The Adventure Board | Source

Starting an adventure

To sign your Sims up to a quest, your Sims only has to look up the Adventures Board. In Champs Les Sims, this is located conveniently at the front door of the Base Camp. Generally speaking, all quests can be divided into three types of adventures: gathering objects, talking to Sims and main quests. Please refer to Shang Simla for further information.

Recovery period

To prevent you from directing your exhausted Sims from one vacation to another one straight away, Sims 3 gives your Sims a vacation moodlet that lasts for 48 hours. However, if your Sims has the “Adventurous” trait, the waiting period will be automatically reduced.

Stuck on a particular quest? Below is a list of walkthroughs of some of the adventures available in Champs Les Sims:

A Trivial Affair

An Endeavor for Flavor

The Lost Library of Landgraab


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