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Sims 3 World Adventures Shang Simla Dragon Cave Part 1

Updated on January 9, 2011
Dragon Cave
Dragon Cave | Source
Entrance to the Dragon Cave Tomb
Entrance to the Dragon Cave Tomb | Source

Step One: Explore the Dragon Cave

“Greetings. My name is Adaeze Min. I require an outsider’s assistance in a particular matter I am not quite ready to discuss with you. I promise you it will ultimately be worth your while. Please, explore the Dragon Cave fully. I do not know what you will find, just that you will find it.”

Objective: Explore the Dragon Cave until you find what Adaeze Min intends you to find.

Reward: 15 Visa points; 25 Ancient coins

This initial step is quite easy. Visit the Dragon’s Maw high up in the hills and have your Sims walk to where its open jaw is. Click on the door in its mouth and select “Inspect.” Once the door opens and your Sims walks in, you will see a staircase hidden amongst the foliage. Direct your Sims to walk down the stairs.

Down in the basement, you will see a door directly in front of you, walk through it to enter the second room (there is a pile of ancient coins in front of the statue). Go through the next door to room #3, which is a large room with some active fire traps. You will then receive this notification:

“Deep within the Dragon Cave, Kelly has a vision of a mummy and it appears to be... battling an adventurer? Return to Adaeze Min and describe the vision. Perhaps Adaeze Min can decipher its meaning?”

The Adventure tracker will now show “Report In.” Click on it to return to Adaeze Min and receive your reward.

Conclusion of Part One of the Dragon Cave
Conclusion of Part One of the Dragon Cave | Source

Step Two: Building the Meditation Statue

“Yes, I fear this is worse than I thought it would be. A prophecy foretold of a foreigner who would come to fix the Dragon Cave. You just might be that person. We will need a meditation statue, but that requires 2 pieces of platinum. Bring them to me quickly!”

Objective: “Deliver” 2 pieces of Platinum to Adaeze Min to receive Ancient Coins.

Reward: 15 Visa points, 884 Simoleons (depends on the value of the 2 pieces you found), 25 Ancient Coins

This is a simple gather items quest. In Map View (M), you will see all the platinum highlighted. Simply click on them and gather up 2 pieces before returning to Adaeze Min.

“Thank you for your help. I have further need of you to continue construction on the meditation statue. I now need you to collect 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli. Deliver them to me as quickly as possible.”

Objective: “Deliver” 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli to Adaeze Min to receive Ancient Coins

Reward: 15 Visa points, 112 Simoleons (depends on the gems’ values), 25 Ancient coins

Again, this is another gather items quest.

“Excellent! I have determined the final ingredient for our meditation statue, Kelly. I need you to bring me a relic. I will take the components of it to finish the statue. Search the surroundings or a tomb to find the Relic and bring it to me.”

Objective: “Deliver” a Relic to Adaeze Min to receive Ancient Coins

Reward: 15 Visa points, 36 Simoleons (depends on value of relic), 25 Ancient coins

During your previous adventures, you would have already collected some relics. So immediately after delivering the Lapis Lazuli, the option to “Deliver Relic” should be open and you can deliver it straight away. 

“At last, we have everything that is needed to construct the meditation statue. Now, leave me so that I can finish my work. I will contact you soon to continue the next part of our journey.”

This is the end of the first part of the Dragon Cave adventure. Your adventure opportunities will now be blank, meaning your Sims is free to start another adventure. To continue the Dragon Cave adventure, you will have to chance it later on in the game through the Adventures Board.


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