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Sims Medieval Review

Updated on April 19, 2011

Sims Medieval

Wow, the Sims Medieval is out! Congratulations long term Sims fans.

I guess you are as exited as me for the new Sims version. I love medieval times, history, stories and medieval costumes, and I love Sims games as well. What an amazing combination!

So let’s see what EA games cooked for us this time!

First of all, don’t expect Sims 3 game in new surroundings and with new household items and clothes, because it is not. It is a fully standalone game that combine the traditional Sims games features and some quest and RPG games treats.

The game has the whole new design and feeling to it. It is not completely a free play like previous Sims, it is more quests based game. You will be able to access the trial quest as the monarch of your kingdom, and learn how to use new panels and views.

You can choose different life passes for your Sim. You hero can be a monarch, bard, merchant, knight, physician, wizard, priest or spy. Each of the heroes will have there own quests and different interaction features.

For medieval fans, you will be surprised how the game is living up to your medieval expectation: hairstyles, cooking pits, pigeon mail, duels.

Overall the game seems like a lot of fun, as you grow your kingdom to be the best in the land.

Now about how to get the game. If you cannot wait and want to start exploring Sims Medieval right away, just go to Amazon and buy the game download, that will cost you around $25. You can also run to the nearest games store, and buy it.

Also it is worth mentioning here that some users are reporting to have bugs in the game, and make sure that you will complete the first introductory tutorial quest, as only after that completion you will be able to save the game, otherwise you would need to start with the tutorial again.

Enjoy the Sims Medieval!


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