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Sinecraft Simple Minecraft Texture Pack (16 x 16)

Updated on February 28, 2011
For more Minecraft texture packs and vital Minecraft information, visit:
For more Minecraft texture packs and vital Minecraft information, visit: | Source

The aim of Sinecraft was to create a simple texture pack in which every block was still distinguishable. It was a lofty aim, right up there with creating an Eiffel Tower that isn't too pointy and an ocean that isn't too wet. Oh how I make myself lol.

Anyway, I downloaded and tested Sinecraft and now I'm going to tell you about my observations so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not it is worth downloading the pack and installing it and then playing it yourself. Because that's how I roll.

The first thing I noticed about Sinecraft was that it was pleasantly blocky. The original Minecraft textures are fairly blocky themselves, but this was a new kind of blockiness, a smooth, bordered blockiness that would probably have a martini on Wednesdays.

Cobblestone looks awesome in this texture pack. In fact, the whole thing has a sort of muted Lego appeal, which I enjoyed immensely. All in all, construction textures are very well done. The wood textures reminded me very strongly of a plastic toy that I haven't seen or played with in years (which makes sense because now I am an adult I play with toys on the big plastic box full of circuits, not on the carpet, that would be juvenile.)

These textures are so evocative that I can almost smell them. You know the smell, the fresh plastic smell. If you licked them they would be smooth with just a hint of chemical bath aftertaste.

Glowstone is particularly nice I think, it has a lovely stained glass appeal that works well in most glowstone applications, which are, lets face it, all about the lighting. The original glowstone texture is far too 'raised in the Nether' for my liking and never goes well in my soiree rooms.

Glass isn't too bad, though if you're not using it as a window, you're out of luck as usual. It is framed, but in the case of this texture pack the frame actually makes some kind of sense.

This is actually one of my favorite 16 x 16 texture packs. A lot of these simple texture packs get carried away with simplicity and make everything seem bland and boring and dull. This texture pack, on the other hand, imparts a great deal of character.

Terrain textures take a little bit more getting used to. Blocky grass is an interesting effect, as is blocky sand. They work though, in the context of the texture pack. The only texture I was disappointed with was smoothstone, because it looked less impressive than cobblestone, which messes you up if you designed with the base texture pack in mind, in which smoothstone is far prettier than cobblestone.

Download Sinecraft Minecraft Texture Pack


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