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Skies Of Arcadia the legendary air pirate

Updated on February 5, 2012

A must have RPG

Skies of Arcadia hit home with me when I was younger. It allowed you to consume yourself in a fantasy like a lot of RPG's and get lost in a reality like you have never seen before. The main character Vyse and Aika are sky pirates who steal gold from the Valuan, a empire that uses brute force to put fear in the eyes of the Arcadia, and give to the poor. Vyse looks for adventure has he tries to become the greatest air pirate every known in Arcadia, and as you journey with him you find out why! They stumble upon A girl Fina who was with the silver civilization who was sent to Arcadia to put a stop to Valua's terrine. As you progress through the story line, your main objective is to retrieve the crystals from each moon and prevent the gigas from being raised out of their sleeping slumber. Giga are beast created for destruction who will bring nothing but despair to the world. As you venture through the different moons, it is almost inevitable to prevent the gigas from being awakened as you are betrayed by the people of the world and greed begins to set in. You must collect the 6 moon crystals before the Valuan empire acquires them. When the moon crystals are combined on the lost city of shrine island known as soltus the rains of destruction will fall and perish the world to oblivion. Skies of Arcadia offers stunning attack and special magic that will leave you breathless. It will always be a great RPG in history and a must have for the dreamcast console or gamecube.

My response

I love this game and have played it multiple times for both the dreamcast and the gamecube and it never gets old or outdated. Something about the main character that charms your heart as you see him want to obtain more in his reality. A urge to see the world with his own eyes and overcome even what seems as the impossible. His immense amount of love for the people and the girl Fina to aid her on her quest in stopping the possibility of the rains of destruction from being released. If you had not yet played this game it is a must have to add to your collection of RPG'S.

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