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"Skull Island" Walkthrough

Updated on June 29, 2010

The following is a Skull Island walkthrough. Skull Island is a new online point and click adventure that challenges your wit and skill in a cannibal filled jungle


You are a private investigator that has been hired to find a missing professor. The professor's plane has gone down over a remote island filled with cannibals. You must use the environment and all know how you can muster to get out of this one alive.


Mouse - The mouse is your only control in this game, use it to point and click your way to victory.

Skull Island Walkthrough Part 1 - Paint, Airplane Part, Spear, Slingshot

You start the game looking at the entrance signs that clearly indicate you are not welcome here. Move forward to see the next sign that reads "Keep out". Pick up the can of paint beside the sign and also notice that the skull on top of the sign is loose. Walk forward again.

Talk to the guard Jamal to be told that, since you are not part of the tribe, you are not welcome inside. Go to the right to see the crashed plane. Pick up the first aid kit and and the boomerang shaped piece of metal. You also need to pick up the spear that is in the side of the tree. To do this, keep clicking on the spear until you finally pull it out.

Now go to the right and pick up the slingshot in the next screen. Walk forward and past the screen with the dead snake. Use your piece of metal to pry open the hatch in the ground.

Skull Island Walkthrough Part 2 -Popcorn, Magnet, Cereal, Milk, Butter, Ice Cubes, Ice Cream, Whisk, Plate, Bowl, Glass, Mango

Go inside the hatch to find the fat guy watching television. Turn of the lamp to his left by clicking the switch at its base. When the lights are off, steal a piece of the fat guy's popcorn. Go to the left into the kitchen.

Raid the kitchen by opening the fridge, freezer, and cupboard above stove. Take the following items: Cereal, Milk, Butter, Ice Cubes, Ice Cream Pop, Whisk, Plate, Bowl, Glass

Leave the safety hatch. Just outside of the safety hatch is a mango hanging in the top left of the screen. Load the popcorn kernel into your slingshot and shoot the mango to make it fall. 

Skull Island Walkthrough Part 3 -Sticky Spear With Magnet, Berries, Pocket Knife

Back up until you see the skull and crossbones sign, then go left until you get to the screen with the pond. Notice the tree with sap leaking out of it and use the broken spear on the leaking sap. This will make the spear sticky enough for you to attach the magnet to the end of it.

Now go back to the right until you get to the very edge of the cliff. Pick the berries that are growing in the bush directly in front of you and notice that the tree has a hole in it. Use your sticky spear with magnet on the hole. You will pull out a pocket knife.

Skull Island Walkthrough Part 4 -Mushrooms, Fishing Net

You now need to go back to the small pond screen and then continue to the left once more. Pick the mushrooms that are on this screen and go left again.

Talk to the cannibal to find out his name is Boba and he's a fisherman. Load your slingshot with the berries you picked up and shoot Boba twice in the glasses. Now that Boba can't see, you can switch out his fishing net with your sticky spear and his bucket with your can of paint.

Switch out the fishing net for right now but don't worry about the bucket.

Skull Island Walkthrough Part 5 -Cannibal Club Card, Skull

Travel back to the dead snake screen and use your pocket knife to cut it open to rescue Joobla. After you finish talking to him, talk to him again to ask him about getting inside the camp. He will tell you that you can get in with a card but he lost his card in the pond.

Go back to the small pond in front of the sap tree and use your fishing net to fish out the cannibal club card.

Before going to the entrance go all the way back to the beginning screen with the "Go Away" sign that had a loose skull on it. Use your pocket knife on the sign to make the skull come off.

Pick up the skull and head inside the cannibal camp.

Skull Island Walkthrough Part 6 - Small Bowl, Sunglasses, Jump Rope

Use your Cannibal Club Card with the guard to get inside the camp. Pick up the small bowl off of the table and then go to the left and talk to the guy with the box full of toys behind him. Ask him what he is thinking about and he will tell you that he wants to be medicine man. If you help him he will give you presents.

To make him the new medicine man you need to give him the white paint and the skull. In return, Momo will give you a jump rope and a pair of sunglasses.

Head back to the cannibal that you shot with berries.

Skull Island Walkthrough Part 7 - Bucket of water

Switch the white paint out with the bucket that Boba is holding. Now head to the right twice to the screen with the small pond and sappy tree. Fill the bucket with water from the pond.

Head back to the cannibal camp and use the bucket on the fire that is under the professor. Talk to the professor and he will tell you that you could talk the the chief and bargain with him. Go inside of the chief's hut.

The chief will eventually tell you that he will trade the professor for some different food if you bring it to him. He wants something for breakfast, something full of protein, something sweet, and something healthy he can drink. Exit the hut and head back to the sappy tree screen.

Skull Island Walkthrough Part 8 - Bananas, Eggs

In the pile of bushes to the bottom left of the screen there is a black bush. Click this strange looking bush to reveal a cannibal. He tells you that the only thing he can find is bananas and that he will trade them for something cool.

Give him the sunglasses in exchange for the bananas and then head right to the very end screen, with the tree with a hole in it. Use the jump rope on the tree to tie it on and be able to go down. Go down and pick up the egg.

Head back to the hatch that the fat guy lives in.

Skull Island Walkthrough Part 9 - Fruit Smoothie, Omelet, Bowl of Cereal

Fruit Smoothy


Ice Cubes




Mushroom Omlet





Bake in butter

Make the omelet and smoothy as follows.

Cut the mango and mushrooms with your pocket knife

Smoothy: Plug in the blender by clicking on its plug. Add the ingredients in the order listed and push the power button to blend it up. Then use your glass on the blender to pour a glass of fruit smoothy.

Omelet: Put the eggs, milk, and mushroom in your blue bowl in that order and mix them with the whisk. Add butter to the frying pan on the stove and turn the stove on. Now pour in the omelet and let it cook. Use the plate with the frying pan to take off the omelet.

Bowl of Cereal: Combine the cereal with the small orange bowl  you picked up and then combine the milk.

Skull Island Walkthrough Part 10 - Ending

Walk back to the cannibal camp and go inside of the hut. Give the following items to the chief: Fruit Smoothy, Omelet, Bowl of Cereal, Ice Cream. Talk to the chief and tell him you brought him all of the food. Enjoy the ending dialogue. 

Thank you for reading the Skull Island Walkthrough. I hope this helped you get through this awesome point and click online adventure. Leave any questions or comments below.


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