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Skylanders vs. Disney Infinity | Which is the best game for your family?

Updated on November 2, 2014
If you can only get one, which one should it be? Hot Dog is a Skylanders favorite, while Rocket Racoon is a Disney Infinity favorite.
If you can only get one, which one should it be? Hot Dog is a Skylanders favorite, while Rocket Racoon is a Disney Infinity favorite. | Source

If you have kids who play video games, it's very likely the newest installments in the Skylanders and Disney Infinity series are on their wish lists. Since the games are $75 each at regular price and there are additional purchases for the games, it's also likely you only want to invest in one of these games this year.

Both games are appealing to kids because they involve toys coming to life in the game simply by placing the toys on a device that reads the toy and information stored on it. The only way to add new characters to play as is to purchase the toys, which can cost as much as $15 for one. The starter packs for both games come with three toys.

Having to buy all these toys in order to activate characters in the game may seem like a scam, but because the characters can be used in future installments. Sometimes, unless your child is a collector, he'll want less new toys with each installment of the series.

While the games seem very similar, there are differences which may help parents decide which game their child will enjoy more.


Skylanders first released in 2011 with "Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure." "Skylanders: Giants" followed in 2012 and "Skylanders: Swap Force released in 2013." The newest installment is "Skylanders: Trap Team."

In the Skylanders games, the toys come to life to defend Skylands against Kaos. Kids can play the games in story mode, a challenge mode and and arena mode in which they fight each other. In the Trap Team version, a new feature is enemies can be "trapped" in crystals and used to fight with the good guys.


  • A second player cannot be added until the first player's toy is read by the game.
  • It takes a long time for the toys to be recognized by the game, making switching from character to character not as fun.
  • There is no create mode.


  • The dialogue in the story mode is funny.
  • All toys can play in the story mode.
  • There are extra challenges outside of the story.
  • The characters' abilities are fairly matched. In other words, when on the same level, there isn't much of a difference in their ability to attack and defeat enemies.
  • Various upgrades are available during game play.

Trigger Happy and Wash Loop defend Skylands in "Skylanders: Swap Force."
Trigger Happy and Wash Loop defend Skylands in "Skylanders: Swap Force." | Source

Disney Infinity

Disney entered the market of bringing toys to life in video games with "Disney Infinity" in 2013. In 2014, the second edition was released in "Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes."

Kids can play the games in one of the Playsets (story mode) or in the Toy Box (create mode). There are also Toy Box games to play.


  • Only certain characters can play in each story. For example, Merida (from "Brave") cannot play in place of Hawkeye in the Avengers playset, even though their abilities are similar.
  • Some characters and abilities are unfairly matched. It is obvious some characters aren't as strongly skilled as others.


  • There are various stories that can be played, each purchased as a playset.
  • The game recognizes the toys quickly.
  • There is a create mode (Toy Box) in which kids can create their own worlds for the toys to interact.
  • There are extra challenges outside of challenge mode.

Thor and Iron Man come to life in "Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes" and battle Loki.
Thor and Iron Man come to life in "Disney Infinity: Marvel Superheroes" and battle Loki. | Source

In conclusion, if you have children who enjoy creating in video games (they will be the ones who change their Mii on the Nintendo Wii systems every chance they get), Disney Infinity is the right game. If your children enjoy the adventure of completing a single story and completing pre-set goals, Skylanders is the choice for them.

Note: Pros and cons were provided by a 10-year-old and a 7-year-old.

Which is your favorite series of games?

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