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10 tips to get you started in the massive world of Skyrim.

Updated on September 21, 2016

Skyrim is the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls Series. It is a massive free form role playing game. Here are 10 tips for beginners to help you get the jump on the game.

1. Pick the right race. Many would argue that race doesn’t really matter that much. I beg to differ. There are two races above all others that stand out amongst the crowd. The Dark Elves and the Nord. Why? Both of these races sport a hefty 50 bonus to elemental resistance (Dark Elves-Fire and Nord-Frost). This potentially halves the damage you receive from Frost Dragons or Fire Dragons.

2. Horses. With all the cliffs in Skyrim you might find yourself trying to scale a mountain to skip the paths. This can often times really speed up your questing. Jumping from Rock to Rock but Horses actually climb better then you do. Often times the graphics would show clipping frames and glitches but you horse can climb almost shear cliffs.

3. Pick your skills wisely. You ever head the phrase a Jack of All Trades but Master of None? This game really punishes you if you go down that route. Figure out what class you want to play and try it out.

4. Smithing, and Enchanting. If you are melee consider using the Smithing Skills. This can be used to not only make armor but also improve your current armor and weapons (damage) far beyond the normal stats. Smithing combined with a high level enchanting means you can craft some epic weapons.

5. Wood Cutting. Several towns give you the ability (if you have a woodcutters axe) to chop firewood for money. it’s a tedious job but it is easy money.

6. Horse in water. If you are having trouble swimming from one island to another on your horse. Try dismounting and remounting while in the water. This will give your horse normal run speed in the water.

7. Halted Stream Camp. North of Whiterun in a camp called the Halted Stream Camp. This camp sports some badies and a special spell called Transmutation. This is truly a midas spell (Oblivion reference). This spells allows you to transmute iron into steel…and so on and so forth. Essentially allowing you to turn iron into gold. This spell can make you a lot of gold.

8. Get a house. Buy a house as fast as you can. As you progress through the game you will start to find objects that you will need a place to store. Ore, metal bars, quest items, books, weapons.

9. Explore. Don’t focus solely on the main quest. I usually do the main quest until I kill my first dragon and then I go and explore. This allows for the game to trigger more dragons (which gives souls) and gives me a chance to see the world. If you are having questions about shouts try the gray beard quest chain which unlocks after you kill your first dragon in Whiterun.

10. Know your environment. Much like in the movie Dark Knight. You need to be aware of your environment. If you are facing a large group of badies know that you probably have an easier way to dealing with them. For instance look on the floor for shiny liquid which means that oil has spilled on the floor. This can be l it of fire to burn your enemies. Find a floor trap? Lead a badie into it. Guards nearby? Have them kill it (if a guard kills a dragon you still get credit).

I hope these tips have helped. Happy Hunting.


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    • profile image

      Daniel 6 years ago

      Nice tips, although transmute doesn't let you turn iron into steel, its iron into silver and then silver into gold. But yea incredibly useful to get fast/early, and close. Also the camp you mention has like 18 iron ore veins to mine inside.

    • profile image 6 years ago from Herts, UK

      I absolutely adore this game! Nice write up, lets all of us that work full time get to the good stuff a little faster and not waste too much of that precious spare time :)