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Skyrim Playthrough Mod Setup: Bound Warrior

Updated on January 3, 2014


This guide is part of a series of Skyrim Playthrough Mod Setups that I will be creating hubs for. These guides will give you a new way to play through Skyrim on PC. Since mods are required for all of these playthrough ideas, please remember that having Skyrim on PC is a must.

This setup is called the Bound Warrior. At any given time, you're only wearing simple clothing, perhaps some Winterhold Mage Robes or simple farmer's clothes. However, you aren't some unprotected citizen. With a few waves of your hands, you're protected by bound armor and shield, wielding a bound daedric weapon.

This playthrough relies heavily on Conjuration and Enchanting skills.

How to Start

As this playthrough requires good Conjuration and Enchanting skills, it's suggested to start leveling these as soon as possible. You may need to start the game wearing physical armor and using a physical weapon, depending on what overhaul and gameplay changing mods you use.

Since bound weapons use the same skill as physical weapons, go ahead and use the type of weapon you plan on using of the bound variety as well. For example, if I plan on using a Bound Sword, I will use a one-handed sword while starting out to get an advantage on my One Handed Weapons skill.

If you're okay with being a thief, a good place to start with Enchanting would be to hit up Farengar's study and the Winterhold College. Remember that disenchanting gives a great amount of enchanting experience, so make sure to disenchant items even if you don't plan on using their particular enchantment.

Your enchantments on your clothes, amulet, and ring should be focused on increasing your survivability if you don't use a tank-like follower. This will help balance the fact that you don't normally wear armor and only have the bound armor. However, if you use a follower(s) who will take most of the damage, it may be safe to focus on conjuration skill, mana, damage, etc.


The Mods

There's a small list of required mods with this playthrough, but also some suggested mods as well.

The required mods include True Bound Armors, which add bound armor to the game as vanilla Skyrim does not have it. Bound Armory will add numerous new bound weapons that were not in vanilla Skyrim, and also has a compatibility patch for SkyRe. Conjure Rideable Ethereal Horse gives you a conjureable horse to match your armor and weapon. I suggest using the Purple Haze skin.

Suggested mods include SkyRe, which does a great job reworking the perk system and adding many great perks for bounded weapons. Immersive College of Winterhold greatly improves Winterhold, which I can assume you will be questing at, considering you're a mage! Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold give you a great selection of robes if you'd prefer robes over normal clothing.

The list of mods is below. Due to HubPages' moderation, I cannot have more than two links to the same domain, so unfortunately you will need to search for each mod individually on Nexus Mods.


  • True Bound Armors
  • Bound Armory
  • Conjure Rideable Ethereal Horse


  • Immersive College of Winterhold
  • Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold
  • Skyrim Redone

Roleplay Suggestions

Roleplayer? Like to have rules for your characters? Well here you are. This is the list of rules that I played with when using this Skyrim playthrough.

Don't steal. I find this makes the game too easy, so it's a general rule that I use with any character that is not strictly an assassin/thief type character.

Don't murder. Play this character as the hidden knight in shining armor, don't murder, and be prepared to protect the lives of the innocent at any time.

Play the College of Winterhold questline. You're a mage, and this is a great way to get free mage gear/supplies.

Live in the College. This can help keep you immersed in the magic of the world, and Immersive College of Winterhold will help greatly with this.

Don't wear physical armor or weapons. This can be ignored when first starting out if you find it tough to stay alive. Rings and amulets are okay, of course, as well as normal clothes/robes. Your rings/amulets/clothes will help immensely with survival and damage with the help of enchantments.

Have you tried it?

Have you tried this playthrough?

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    • profile image

      Robbie C Wilson 4 years ago

      I like those mage mods, Immersive College of Winterhold and Opulent Outfits - Mage Robes of Winterhold, they look awesome. I am about to start a mage character, I will definitely add those both to my game (once I get the install finished).