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Skyrim: The Book of Love Walk-through

Updated on May 15, 2017

This tutorial will help navigate The Book of Love. Use the images and text to expedite finding everything needed to begin and complete the quest. I left out as many pointless details as possible.

Dinya Balu
Dinya Balu

You first need to find Dinya Balu at the Temple of Mara in Riften. Ask her about the Blessing of Mara to begin the quest. Follow the quest marker to Ivarstead. Speak to people unconcerned, because even though you're given options, the outcomes to these options do not change much of anything. I personally ran to the closest people to progress the quest as quickly as possible.

After resolving the love issue in Ivarstead, you'll need to return to Riften to speak to Dinya once more. She will require you to resolve anther issue in Markarth. For this part of the quest, progress unconcerned as before, but make sure to bring 200 septim.

Return to Dinya to receive your third and final task. This time, just be prepared to kill things in the wilderness. I had to take down a blood dragon and two saber cats. Return to Dinya, and receive the Agent of Mara. It increases magic resistance by 15 percent, which is more than worth all the busy work.


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