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Skyrim First Impressions and Tips

Updated on November 15, 2011

I woke up at 3:45 am this morning to play Skyrim on this, the glorious day it was first released. For once, living in the antipodes actually paid off and the game unlocked a full 12 hours or so ahead of the US versions of the game. This proved to be both wonderful and slightly tedious as there are no quest guides as yet, so I was left to use my wits to get through the first few quests.

The most wondrous thing about the Skyrim launch, to my mind, was how impeccably smooth it was. I got up, I pressed 'Play', the game decrypted itself in about five minutes, then decided to install a new version of Direct X, which all new games are wont to do, and then it played. Just like that. Bam. The fact that a game actually working on the day its released is something to write home about is perhaps a sad indictment on the state of gaming these days, but that did not make my jig of joy any less heartfelt.

Having played for a few hours, I now consider myself expert enough to answer a few basic questions on the game.

Does Skyrim Live Up To The Hype?

It does. Oh does it.The graphics are amazing, the NPCs are wonderfully realistic and the game is as smooth as a freshly shaved pair of legs.

How Do I Stop The Annoying Tinkling Bell Noise?

If you're being pursued by what sound like a horde of amorous fairies, try putting your spell casting hands away, or removing the healing spell from being active. The basic healing spell tinkles when it is ready to be cast, which quickly becomes wildly annoying.

How Do I Make Doors Open / Levers Work?

Skyrim is a fan of making you pay attention to your surroundings. If a lever doesn't seem to do anything but unleash poison arrows at you, or a door refuses to open, it's probably because there are some symbol seals you need to shift around first. You'll find that the carvings on the walls give you strong clues as to the order of seal symbols.

How Awesome Is The New Lockpicking System?

Super awesome. They've used the same system that they used in Fallout: New Vegas, which is a distinct improvement from the Oblivion system, which was designed to make you want to claw your own eyes out.

Are Dragons Really That Scary?

Terrifying. They can rip through buildings and walls, which means that almost nowhere is safe.

How Can I Take A Screenshot Of My Character's Face?

Scroll out to get into third person and then move the mouse around, if you find yourself simply turning with the view, it's because you have a weapon or magic equipped. Put your hands down to take cheesy tourist pictures.

Where Are Skyrim Screenshots Saved?

You can find them in your Steam directory.


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