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Smite Awilix item build guides for pro junglers

Updated on December 19, 2014

Awilix's Smite item build guide

The Smite god, Awilix, is difficult to build item-wise. This god has a good mix between ability power conversion and raw auto attack damage.

Generally the basic rule of thumb is to build Awilix like an ADC if the early game is going well, or build cooldown reduction and power when behind / fighting late game. In the late game Awilix needs cooldown reduction in order to get abilities back fast enough to get out of combat if she's about to get exploded by late game damage. In the early game, the generic ADC build is ideal for Awilix, especially if the team's ahead.

Smite Awilix item build video guide

Winning the early game Awilix item build

If everything is going well in the early game, it's a good idea to build Awilix like a hunter. Generally penetration boots can come first or second, depending on the way each individual likes to play. The second item to get over boots is devourer's gauntlet in order to get reliable damage and some life steal.

After the devourer's gauntlet the next item is variable. If the enemy team has a fair amount of tankiness, or the tank is too strong to kill as an individual, then the executioner is a must have. The attack speed and penetration is an excellent solution to destroy tanks with Awilix.

Next up is the critical, rage and deathbringer are a must have. The last item on the other hand is completely up for grabs. The whole build should be a little fluid between the third and last items, depending on what the enemy team composition is, and how well the match is going.

Losing early game, or lasting until late game Awilix item build

When the game's not going so well, or if it even persists until late game, then choosing cool down reduction over critical/attack speed might be a good option. If it's bad enough, hide of the urchin can be an option in order to turn Awilix into a bruiser.

Instead of getting devourer's gauntlet, try getting jotunn's wrath for cool down, power, and cool down reduction. Jotunn's is a great item overall for anyone who does ability power damage, so it's definitely an option for Awulix.

After jotunn's wrath, players have a few options on the next item. On one hand players can get executioner for attack speed and penetration, especially if the enemy has multiple tank characters. The other side of the equation, people can get hide of the urchin if they're drastically behind, and turn into an ability based bruiser like Tyr or Chaac.

The third item is up for grabs, but after that it's essential to get critical damage, first get rage, then deathbringer as the second critical item. After that item the options are pretty wild, players can get titan's bane if the enemy has a ton of physical defense, or they can get a variety of different items, it's really optional at this point to what the enemy has. Even a brawlers beat stick for reduced enemy healing is an option, if they have Hel or Aphrodite.

Feeling out of mana with Awilix all the time?

Everybody plays Smite differently. Some players burn mana quickly, others a more methodical with their abilities. When people play a high mana burn type of game, they should strongly consider getting jotunn's wrath second for the mana.

If Awilix is getting hammered early game, players can try taking a unique route if they want to try it. Awilix can get a variety of different power items second, but then get a breastplate of valor instead for cooldown reduction and 550 mana as a third item. This option is only really viable if the enemy team has enough pro physical damage gods.

The last possible option to slip in some mana is to get stone of gaia with Awilix if the enemy team is strongly unbalanced towards magical. Even at that point, it's usually not best to get a stone of gaia with Awilix, preferably get Ancile instead if running out of mana isn't a problem, or something like bulwark of hope if they have an Anubis.

Awilix item build summary

While Awilix is a physical god, she's unique in that she does a fair amount of damage with her abilities, but also is very good as a critical build god. This unique mix of strengths makes her great for building whichever way the match calls for. There's a lot of wiggle room with Awilix, as she's one of the more mobile, well rounded assassins in Smite.

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