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Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

Updated on January 4, 2011

Although the Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 is the entry level Snap Circuits kit, do not despair as there are plenty of projects and experiments contained in this starter kit to keep your child busy for weeks on end! And the best thing about the SC-100 is that you can always upgrade it to one of the more advanced Snap Circuit kits at a fraction of the cost. The Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 gives you the ability to see if this is a subject your child is interested in without breaking the bank.

Snap Circuit Jr. - How does it work?

Each Snap Circuit kit comes with a plastic base plate that the other pieces simply "snap" to. It is that simple. Other electronic kits are hard to visualize the completed circuit where the Snap Circuit pieces make it easy to follow a diagram and complete the project. The SC-100 comes with one battery pack that is used to power all of your experiments. Attach the battery pack to the base and you are ready to start building your first circuit.

Snap Circuits Jr. - Over 100 experiments!

For an entry level kit, the number of projects it contains is astounding!  One of the first projects is a simple light with a switch.  Although this may seem like a fairly simple project to you, it is a great way to show how a switch cuts off the flow of electricity by breaking the circuit.  This experiment is also the first one that demonstrates a closed circuit.  With the switch turned on, you can remove one of the wires and visually show your child how a switch functions.  Adding a resistor to this circuit is also a great visual experiment.  Make a note of how bright the bulb is in the original circuit, now add the resistor in between the switch and the bulb and check the brightness again.  The bulb can also be replaced with the speaker for an audio experiment.

Snap Circuit Jr. SC-100 is a great starter kit!

The Snap Circuits Jr SC-100 is the ideal entry level kit because you can always upgrade it to any of the other kits at a later date. By doing that, you can first see if your child enjoys playing with Snap Circuits before dropping close to $80 for the Extreme kit. You could even go so far as to upgrade to each kit individually. Start with the SC-100, upgrade to the 300, then 500, then 750. Taht way you can maximize your time with each new set of projects without being overwhlemed with all of the projects included in the 750.  Click here to read more customer reviews over at Amazon!


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