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Sniper Elite v2 Review

Updated on October 11, 2012

This is my personal review of Sniper Elite v2 by Rebellion. I go into detail about some of the main aspects of the game and give my view of whether i think it is good or not.


Sniper Elite v2 is a very fun and entertaining game in which you take the role of a sniper of elite class. He has 3 weapons at his disposal. These are a Sniper which isn’t silenced, a Machine Gun and a Silenced Pistol. On top of that you also have lots of equipment with varying purposes. You get grenades to destroy large group of enemies, rocks to make enemies investigate places whilst you sneak past, landmines which you can use to booby trap dead bodies when enemies investigate, tripwire to defend your position and a variety of others.

Heart Beat and Stealth

The game has a large emphasis on its Heart Beat system and when your heart beat is low you can hold your breath to steady your shots and sprint for longer periods of time. When your heart beat goes high though you cannot sprint or hold your breath and the scope moves about more than usual. Your heart beat will rise if you get shot or you sprint and you often need to hide when your heart beat goes high just because of how hard it is to shoot. You can be very stealthy on this game though because whenever there is a loud noise an animated icon appears in the top right of the screen and if you shoot when that icon is on screen then you will not be detected however the dead body, if found, may alert enemies that someone is around but they will not know your position.

X-Ray Kills

The game has X-ray kills and whenever you get a headshot or shot where you hit a vital organ when you have zoomed in for a couple of seconds. These are very cool and I find that they are not yet boring me. They look awesome and are VERY gory.


Physics is a very large piece of this game because if you are not on easy difficulty the game takes gravity and wind into account meaning that to get a head shot you have to aim a fair bit above their head depending on your position compared to theirs. This all provides for a very realistic game.

Campaign and Coop Campaign

The game has a main story line with a variety of different missions and is enjoyable. As you go along you will find new equipment making it interesting and fun. The game also has some online modes including coop so you can play with your friends which is very fun but you have to be able to communicate with each other otherwise you will not be able to do anything together.


There are also online versus modes. You have your basic death match where you just need to get as many kills as you can to win. This is a free for all mode but on the PC there is a team version. Another game mode is Kill Tally where you cooperatively fend off against waves of computerized opponents and have to survive for as long as you can. This can also be done solo. The fourth mode is called Bombing Run where you have to find parts to repair our broken down vehicle and escape before the scheduled bombing run comes in. The final mode is a coop mode called Overwatch where one player is on the ground and has to complete a variety of objectives whilst the other player is on a high piece of ground and has to protect his teammate from enemies.


Overall I would give Sniper Elite v2 a 9/10 as it is a very fun game to play and the physics engine is very well constructed and the x-ray kills provide a lot of enjoyment and give a sense of achievement at getting such an accurate shot. The graphics are okay and the story line has a lot of challenges that you need to plan different tactics for.

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