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So What If I Am An Adult

Updated on June 17, 2009

What next gen game console do you have?

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 Growing up I used to love video games. I had an Atari and my favorite game, of course was Centipede. I loved to sit in front of my parents television and play for hours. After I got to be a little older, I left behind the video games. It wasn't just because of age, but also because I am a girl. I thought it was unorthodox to continue.

Once I reached early adulthood I wanted another game system. Being out of the loop for so long I had no idea what to get or which gaming system was better. I settled for a GameCube and a Playstation2. I had tons of games ranging in different genres. But just like the Atari, I let the systems just collect dust and eventually sold the GameCube.

In November of 2008, I decided that it was time for me to have something that was fun to occupy my time. I had to make a keen decision between the 3 hottest 'next gen' systems: Playstation3, XBox 360 and the Wii. Now, I already knew I was late with the trend that was going on but I figured it was time to step my game up - literally.

After much deliberation, I made my decision the Nintendo Wii. I thought it was cool and had a lot of interactive games. But I knew virtually nothing about the system itself and what to expect. Also, finding a Wii was rather impossible in the city of Philadelphia. But the particular day I went the store had one left. I was so ecstatic.

Once, I got home and began to play, I fell in love. Since November I have aquired over 30 games, both interactive and problem solving. I don't remember when I've had so much fun. My kids love playing with me (and I say with me because its mine, its mine). But some adults have made strong opinions about the fact that I have a gaming system that was initially made for children.

Thing about it is, anyone can sit on the couch and press buttons, but with the Wii you have to be mobile to play a lot of the games. And being active while playing a video game has helped me drop several pounds, especially once I bought the WiiFit which also is hard to find in Philadelphia. Its helping families stay in shape.

The question is always posed by my parents, "Aren't you a little old to be playing video games?" I don't care how old I am. The Wii is the perfect system for women and their families. Who says girls can't play games.

There are numerous games that helps us be kids again as well as tone up a bit. I don't know about anyone else but I'm a huge kid. So no matter how old I get, I will be enjoying this fun and exciting next gen gaming system for a long time.


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    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 6 years ago from Oakland, California

      Looks like the Wii is the way to go.It has stood the test of time in the gaming world

    • profile image

      wordscribe41 8 years ago

      My husband is a huge XBox 360 kinda guy. I don't play very often, but I do enjoy the racing games occasionally. Now, if we had a Wii, I could easily develop an addiction. I love how it gets you moving. I'd rather have one since we have 3 small kids. Great hub.


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