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Solar Empire Infinium

Updated on October 24, 2012

Space Comat & Trading At Its Finest

The best way to describe Solar Empire Infinium is a cross between a space combat game, and an empire builder being played out in real time (online, so I suppose you have to throw browser-based in there!). There is not a large number of these types of games online (that I have found yet!) but the ones that are out there are a lot of fun, and I have always felt there was a strong sense of community with each one.

Everything action that you do in SEI is governed by turns. You get turns every hour, and then you can trade, pirate, explore, build on your planet, or do otherwise as you see fit. A player can control up to 50 ships at one time, each one customized to your liking (so you don't necessarilly have to have only traders, or combat ships, you can mix and match as you need to for different situations, for example if you were raiding). This allows for single players to effectively compete in SEI, even if they do have to do a lot of micromanagement to compensate!

Solar Empire Infinium - Dry Dock


SEI's 5 Races

Higher Gather Rates
Lower Fighter Efficiency
Larger Cargo & Better Fighters
Lower Shields & Armor
Better Armor & Targeting
Lower Experience Gather Rate
Higher Shields & Manueverability
Lower Armor
Higher Shields, Gather & Cloak
Lower Fighter Efficiency &Armor

Races & Factions

But lets back up for a second and look at the different races and factions that war in the Solar Empire Infinium universe, shall we? Below is a general overview of the races, for a more detail (and stat) specific page, here is SEI's Racial Bonuses.

Solar Empire's Factions

There are 3 separate faction groups in SEI, each one despising the others. In fact, as you interact with one of the factions sub-factions, you will soon find certain areas of space to be rather unfriendly. This is because if your faction rating gets lower than a certain point, the NPC's guarding their friendly sphere of influence will attack you! So it's a good thing to stick to being in places your on good terms with!

The different factions weave together a lot of different stories for the SEI universe, from the over-controlling Galactic Federation, to the different outer rim Pirates banding together, or The New Rebellion slowly building its support for a new universal order free of oppressive governments or tyrannical regimes.

Solar Empire Infinium: Factions

Galactic Federation
Galactic Senate
Galactic Royal Navy
Galactic Trade League
The Pirate Offensive
Pirate Offensive
Anarchist Pirate Syndicate
Smugglers Allegiance
The New Rebellion
Bounty Hunters Guild
Free Trade Union

As you begin to show your "devotion" to your faction of choice, by trading with them, killing their enemies, or finding alien technology for them, they will start to open up and let you use their powerful ship designs. The best ship designs require your faction(s) to trust you completely, and this can take quite some time to stack up, especially once getting better (and larger) trading vessels with each factions trading arms.

Each faction has 3 separate sub-factions within that cover a different type of shipping needs: One for trading/gathering, one for hunting/defending, and another for raiding needs.

For a more detailed look at these, here is Solar Empire Infinium's Factions.

Gathering & Trading

Beyond a doubt, one of the things you will need to learn how to do is to trade or gather, until you can make enough money to construct the gigantic warships you will need when hunting other players or attacking planets!

Luckily, this is not difficult, and not even too time consuming- it is even the best way to earn faction rating. Trading focuses buying and selling goods, is the more time-intensive of the two, and also the better for making money. Gathering is harvesting raw materials from space and selling them to the ports, and is better at generating experience. The Free Trade Union is known to have the ships with the largest cargo holds, while the Pirate Smuggler's are known for their extremely efficient gathering ships.

Learning How To Gather & Trade

Making War

As much fun as it is to play a virtual entrepreneur, I imagine that most people playing space combat games enjoy the clash of fleets and annihilation of an enemies planets! Here are some of the other roles that have evolved within clan combat for making war on other players.

Hunting: There are 2 types of hunting that one can try out, Player vs Player or NPC Hunting. Hunting people can be a lot of fun, especially when using tracking scouts and following them halfway across the universe... but it is also enjoyable to gun through dozens of another factions NPC's (and usually quite lucrative!).

Raiding: The purpose of a "raider" is to use a space ship with big enough weapons to blow apart a space port or planets defenses for plundering. Every faction has access to raiders, although each faction has different weapons and ships available. The Federation Senate uses the best raiding ships in the game!

"RC": Otherwise known as Repair Carriers, when assaulting ports or planets with a group, often clans will have one player reship into a repair carrier setup to repair the raider after each attack. This allows the raider to attack many more targets then if he had to repair him or herself (and takes much less time, so less chance of a raid being jumper by hunters!).

Solar Empire Ports


My Experience

All in all, I've found Solar Empire Infinium to be a great online gaming experience, with a tight knit community that's very willing to show newer players the ropes that make an effort to involve themselves with clans or just the forums in general. The admin team has shrunk over recent years, although the current team (Team Milo!) is very open to suggestions and adding new features to the game. Being open to player input is one of the most important things a game can do in my opinion, so I was happy to find this when I was heavily playing Solar Empire.

I usually went the raiding route myself, although I would switch in and out for what the clan needed as we went. There's nothing quite like the rush after a successful hour+ raid with enemy hunters rushing in and out of sector trying to blow you to smithereens, succeeding in blowing apart your cover ships, but finally taking their planet out from under them anyway... yeah, is's a lot of fun : )

Anyone out there that is looking for other games that are similiar to this one, here are a few that I have come across:

Space Merchant Realms: This game was created from the same freeware code as the original TDZK, and a great example of the space combat and trading genre. The focus in SMR is on single ships, and encourages larger allainces/clans and specific focus on roles in combat

Astro-Empires: The farthest example that I can think of within the same category as SEI has got to be Astro Empires. AE allows control of many fleets and the creation of an empire spanning many planets... but I think SEI is much more focused with fewer ships, and a "smaller" universe, if you will.

& if you are curious about starting playing Solar Empire Infinium, come over and join up! The rebellion could use some help >:-)

Building Your First Fleet

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