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What are the best pirate video games

Updated on May 4, 2013
Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger

There are pirate games out there

There a few pirate video games out there that are quite fun and somewhat historically accurate. I assume that you are looking at this page because you want to either roleplay as a pirate or you want to just have fun plundering and sinking other ships on the high seas. Even if you are just curious as to what is out there, I have a few pirate games that you might be interested in, and the best part about it is that one of them is completely free.

Sid Meier's Pirates: Live the life

This game is fun and engaging. You can role-play and build your own fleet of ships as a privateer or a pirate. The choice is really up to you.

This game is a bit older, but it is still very much enjoyable with the story quest line being engaging and the graphics still on the bright side after Firaxis's remake of the game. One thing about this game is that there is no talking. When the NPCs talk, it's more of a mumble. The Caribbean map is quite big and there is always something to do in the game, whether it be pirate hunting, treasure hunting, or the story line.

There are a couple screenshots below.


Pirates of the Burning Sea

This game is probably the most interactive pirate game out there right now. This game is also FREE! Pirates of the Burning Sea, or PotBS for short, is an MMORPG pirate game. This game has a learning curve that needs to be mastered before you can start to fully appreciate the game. The graphics are good and the Caribbean map is enormous. There is a lot to do in this game and you can choose to be a pirate, privateer, free-trader, or a navy captain sort of guy.

This game is very interactive, as you can fight other ships on the open sea, focus on trading and building your personal economy, or follow the quest lines. You can also choose from the pirates, Spanish, British, or French. I find that I really enjoy this game. I recommend it. It is worth a try to if you don't like it then all you wasted was time downloading it.

There is a bug in PotBS that will sometimes not allow you to control your ship. A workaround for this is to exit the game completely and restart it. You should be able to control your ship again and jump back into the action.

Below is a quick video to show you some action in PotBS. You can also download the Pirates of the Burning Sea game client for free from the game website. Enjoy!

There are a few more out there

There are a few more pirate games out there. You can play the Pirates of the Caribbean games on console and there are a couple more free to play ones but none of them compare to Pirates of the Burning Sea.

I hope you found a pirate game that you can enjoy playing from this short list.


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