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Sony & You (Nostalgia)

Updated on September 23, 2014

The Essence Of Playstations Glory

I know that we've all heard of Sony. So have I. Hence why I'm bringing you a trip down nostalgia avenue.

Most of us have probably owned most of the Sony consoles. Whether it be portable or not. But none have been as controversial as the Sony Playstation 2. Considered by many to be the height of Sony's gaming console glory, let alone the highest in gaming glory of any company that sold consoles.

I remember my own experience with this marvelous gaming system. First games were actually a Playstation 1 set of game titled "Digimon World 2" and "Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22".

I played the both of em like crazy. The former I still play today. The latter not so much. But they still were some great games for the time. They gave me so many happy memories that I one day bought them again along with a Playstation 2.

In essence, the Playstation 2 was so far the highest selling console ever. It was a great thing and is now an object of nostalgia. However, that nostalgia is beginning to become very rare. You'd have to travel to places that delve in older game systems. Some are easy to find. But other times it's not so easy. Online however; we have plenty of these being sold online. I own one because I went and bought online! Considering that I can't find one at Gamestop anymore.

But now you can own one too, with this deal going on at Amazon.

Buy A PS2 for great efficient prices!

If you don't care about getting it new and wanna dive right into the nostalgia but risk the chance of it not exactly working, then go for this great used deal going with over 300 in stock, for an efficient price range of of only $30.41 (Lowest Price) all the way as high as $100.00! It might not work and it might. But if you wanna be brave, then dive right in and get your nostalgia package right now.

Now if you wanna go and get it right down to brand new and make sure that your satisfaction is guranteed, then go for the other more high end ones going from $194.37. They more expensive, but they've got Sony as the seller and I think that tells a lot about the quality. Unfortunately they only have 5 in stock, but they're all priced the same. So snag one while they're still in stock!

There's another one, but I don't know since I never had any collectible version or what.

And now here's a game you can buy for a nice price. Efficient for 3 in one.

Mortal Kombat Kollection $14.95 Get by Monday Sept 15. It's 3 in one and it's Mortal Kombat. So try it out if you want to. Amazon's a big brand name company so it's all legit sales going on there. They won't steal your info.

Leave your comments telling me what you want me to search for. I'm gonna be doing things for a lot of stuff. Cosplay, games, fashion, etc,

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