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Sony PS3 Is 100 Dollars Cheaper Now!

Updated on September 7, 2011

Sony announced a 17% price cut on its video game console PS3. It must be aimed at wooing buyers from Nintendo's popular Wii. Perhaps we can see Microsoft following suit with their Xbox 360. By reducing the price tag, Sony is probably now selling the console at cost rather than pocketing profit left by falling component prices. The new price may appeal to consumers were put off by Xbox hardware problems. I like it anyway. Perhaps, I can afford it this time!

Sony PS3
Sony PS3


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  • profile image

    zachary  6 years ago

    can i get a ps3 for around 100 to 200$ a good 1

  • profile image

    Jay 6 years ago

    I want to buy a cool ps3 for $100

  • profile image

    sosefo 7 years ago

    can i have a ps3

  • profile image

    ali 7 years ago

    i wish

  • profile image

    Jr 8 years ago

    i heard the ps3 is cheap

  • profile image

    me 8 years ago

    can i trade my ps2 that is in good condition for a ps3

  • profile image

    morgan 8 years ago

    i want to buy a ps3 that costs around 100 dollars