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South Park Stick of Truth

Updated on June 17, 2014

Bring on the Truth

There is a saying that there is a South Park episode for everyone. This probably due to the fact that the show has been running for the last 17 years and in that period of time the creators of the show have managed to continually come up with something new. Akin to the very successful Simpson’s franchise this was due a game for a very long time. As a result gamers finally received their first taste of South park on game pads in the form of a RPG. The game unlike the show had no proven credentials and had much to prove. Fortunately South Park the Stick of truth shines on both consoles. The turn based combat is mixed with outrageous quests that will have you doing exciting , gross and very strange things throughout the campaign.


The game takes place in a very family neighbourhood of the show. This brings authenticity to the game but also allows for fans to appreciate playing a game in a setting they have always admired. The twist in the game is that you can create your own custom character which means that you can experiment with different types of choices or make someone close to your likeness. Your character then joins one of two faction, either the Elves with Kyle or Join the Human team with Cartman. Whichever side you play the story is hilarious and the story just like the show takes you through twists and turns.

The game typical to the show delivers itself in the same way that the tv show does. It is a typical “dont take yourself too seriously way” which makes you automatically put your guard down until something shocking happens. When in combat you are joined with one extra member on your team that helps you fend off a number of foes. With its turn based gameplay this seems only fitting as too many characters on the battlefield would lead to overcrowding and slow crowding. Your typical TBRPG elements are here from your mana-fueled spells to your timed blocks and attacks that keep the combat refreshing and lively. A lot of the technical depth has been kept out of the game due to the nature of the show and in keeping with simplicity.

There multiple classes available in the game which you can choose to play as. In Theory this should have added more diversity to the game but unfortunately there are a lot of striking similarities. This begs the question why choose one over the other? Of course there are some differences such as special moves unique to each character class, apart from much there is not much to shout about. Although the campaign itself is great, there is not much in the way of replay ability which means the game will soon be on the shelf.

One of the omissions that I found to be particularly unfortunate was the fact a lot of advance control/tips were not explained. Things that an expert or advanced player would want to do were seemingly not explained. These cool and useful tips such as swapping a character in combat would have been great to have been listed if not taught.

Fortunately that is as far as my problems with the game go; it is all in all pretty solid. The graphics a perfect if you compare them to the show which has horrible on purpose visuals. This for me is just part of the authenticity and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The screen is clean with no hud whilst roaming the town, the frame rate is also constant and it helps keep the action continue as it should (interrupted). Sure there are some bugs here and there with a stuck animation but you will be very lucky to notice or to find one. The simple answer is this game is technically sound and you can a lot of work went into making it like that.


The geographic location of the game not only has significance in terms of the show but also as a party piece for fans of the show. The town is beautifully mapped both inside and out and the authenticity of it makes the transition from show to game even more authentic. There are also a lot of easter eggs around the town that encourage exploration. Spending time doing this is fun and rewarding even as a South Park newbie

The soundtrack that encompasses the town is one of the main aspects of the game that bring both humour and nostalgic moments for fans. Throughout the town you can hear classis songs from the show which have been cleverly put in the game through radios and other mediums.

The story mode seems to be just long enough for all the madness to begin, escalate and the end. Fans of the show will be left wanting more, although this is to be expected as the game is just that good.

4 stars for South Park the Stick of Truth

The Verdict

Having the two Co-Creators of the show headlining the making of this game means that the game was destined to thrive from the start. It is a great reminder that tv shows and movies can be turned into games if done properly. The controls are great and the graphics are authentic. Much of the games problems are small and hardly noticeable. Having the game on the Xbox 360 and PS4 means that there isn’t really much room for the game to blow us away. Funny enough it did just that, with its classic South Park humour, shocking absurdity and great cast. For non-South Park fans and “Die Hards” alike, this is one to play.


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