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Square Enix E3 Showcase Was Good

Updated on August 13, 2018
And so it began...Again...
And so it began...Again... | Source

The introduction...

So this conference was good over all. Well much better than I expected, as they focused on showcasing games. Granted there were some repeated trailers, and some good insight for some games, yet same can't be said for all the games showcased.

Now on to the assessment.

Yeah, this looked neat...
Yeah, this looked neat... | Source
It looked neat, but I wanted more
It looked neat, but I wanted more | Source

The conference started with a sequence that showed a crystal, pick axe, and a sword implying that they'd be showcasing a Final Fantasy title, Dragon Quest, and Tomb Raider.

We started with a Tomb Raider trailer of Lara Croft plummeting from the sky in what looked to be a train car. Then we cut to the developer who explained that Lara had crashed in a harsh jungle, she had to escape from. Sounds typical for Tomb Raider, right...? Well I don't recall Lara laying down a trap that lynches unsuspecting enemies in previous games. Although there was some gunplay in the other games, and I'm wondering if killing one of the pursuers, and freaking out his comrade, leading said comrade to shoot the other pursuers will be as easy as it looked. And there are stealth mechanics, which makes sense, as Lara at this point can't go in guns blazing.

So one action montage of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider later, and we're treated to a trailer for Final Fantasy XiV:Storm Blood. Well this was an expansion called "Under The Moonlight," as Storm Blood came out last year. It looked pretty nice for MMORPG, though I couldn't gauge much about the story. But just when I thought they were done, Square teased a Final Fantasy XIV/Monster Hunter World crossover that's out this summer. Don't know how long the free trial last, but either way, I'm sold.

Next was a trailer for DontNod's "The Adventures Of Captain Spirit." And we get a bit of insight from the head directors on what to expect from the game. We didn't get much, but they did imply they wanted to expand the "Life Is Strange" universe, and were starting with Captain Spirit. And that was it aside from the mention that was available June 26 2018. I really hope Life Is Strange fans are enjoying it...

Following that was Dragon Quest XI, as we were treated to a typical trailer that teases the story and gameplay. And while that's fine and dandy, as a Dragon Quest player since Dragon Quest VII, I'm left wondering:"What form of manifestation is this darkness you have to defeat?" "Who are your friends and foes?" "And what's with the infinity stone colored gems that create a light bridge at the end of the trailer?" Giving me these questions was necessary, as now I'm enticed to buy the game to get the answers to these questions. And with it being released September 4th, I might get those answers sooner than later.

Next a new title called "Babylon's Fall," and all we get is a time line of events. It looks interesting enough to make me want to learn about the story, but given this is made in collaboration with Platinum Games, I'mma need more info. Like is it, a Turn based RPG, an Action RPG, or an action game? Will there be character customization and weapon upgrades? So many questions, I hope they get answered. It will also be available in 2019 only on PS4 and Steam which is a bummer for Switch and Xbox One owners. Also with it coming out next here, I hoped Platinum Games and Square brought their A game to this project.

What followed was the Neir Automata:Become As Gods Edition, and it was the same trailer that Microsoft showed in their conference.

Then was Octopath Traveler, which will be a Switch exclusive. The trailer gave me the impression that this is similar to Dragon's Crown, or really any RPG with a create or customizable character. The characters classes are as follows: "Cleric, Scholar, Merchant, Warrior, Dancer, Apothecary, Thief, and Hunter." I'm curious as to how these classes operate separately and in groups, especially since the trailer displays that you can operate in a party. And the combat seems to be turned based, which while I may prefer action oriented RPGs, I'm willing to put up with turn based battles if I enjoy an RPG. Octopath launched on July 13th 2018, and no doubt RPG Nintendo fans are enjoying it. As for me, I just have another reason to buy a Switch.

Next was a trailer for Just Cause 4. This one however this comes with information of what we're to expect from the game. I takes place in the fictional South American country, Solis, as you must overthrow a militia known as "The Black Hand." The Grappling hook's been given more tethers, there are new vehicles, challenging enemies, and weapons that allow you to unleash tornados, lightning storms and sand storms. I think this trailer did well in advertising the game, as lord knows I now wanna try it. The game is available December 4th 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and on Steam.

Next was "The Quiet Man." So you play a deaf guy who fights crime in God knows where... Seems interesting, but I'mma need more information, before I can give a more adequate opinion. There's more information to come this month(being August as of writing this). So we'll wait and see.

And finally my reason for sitting through Square's E3 Conference, the showcasing of Kingdom Hearts 3. And it was apparently the last game showcased in the conference too, which was kinda nice. But I digress, as I learned that Ratatouille and Monsters Inc. have their own worlds in this game. Already knew Frozen and Tangled would have worlds in this game, and am wondering why or HOW Organization XIII is still around, because I thought we eighty-six'd the last of them in Kingdom Hearts 2. As for Aqua's situation, yeah I'm gonna need to play Birth By Sleep for that one. And the creme de la creme is that Kingdom Hearts 3 will launch on January 29th 2019. If we're getting it that soon, Square had better brought their A game to this installment after keeping us fans waiting for over a decade for it.

And with that the conference ended, and ended on a good note in my opinion. With that said, on to the critical portion of this review...

Looking forward to this, kinda...
Looking forward to this, kinda... | Source
I'm a simple man, I see Sora, I click...
I'm a simple man, I see Sora, I click... | Source

In Conclusion.

All and all it was a good conference showcasing of game trailers. While Just Cause, Kingdom Hearts 3, Octopath, Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest XI, and Captain Spirit had trailers that showcased gameplay and advertised what make these games with buying, the same can't be said for Final Fantasy XiV's trailer, Babylon Fall, or Quiet Man.

While Quiet Man and Babylon Fall did have some appealing elements, it would've been nice to see some content that implied what these games were about. I'd argue the same for Final Fantasy XIV, especially with the "Under The Moonlight" expansion, and the storyline of that expansion. But I've already made up my mind to play Final Fantasy XIV when it came out in 2015. And while there was no story implication for FFXIVxMonster Hunter World, that announcement was such a pleasant surprise that I don't care. My only hope is that the game isn't a bugged out mess. I have the same hopes for Kingdom Hearts, after waiting for so long.

All and all, it was a good conference, second best behind Microsoft's.


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