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Star Trek Timelines Review and help guide

Updated on July 13, 2017

What is Star Trek Timelines

Star Trek Timelines is a Mobile Game that is set in the familiar yet different Star Trek Universe. This is due to a temporal anomaly that has displaced characters from different timelines creating a universe where no one seems to know who is friend or foe. It is your job to sort it all out and bring peace.

How Does the Game Work

When the game starts you get a starship and a few crew and you must complete misions to get items and money to upgrade and get more crew.

The Missions

Each mission requires a different set of skills at a different level. So you need to choose three characters that fit the criteria of the mission. Each mission is split into different sections and there are often a few choices of path to take through the mission. You need to choose the option that best suits a member of your team by comparing the skill and skill level required against the three crew you have on the mission. If you fail a part of the mission you can still win it unless you fail the final part.

The Characters

There are over 100 characters to collect but if you play the free game you will only be able to have 25 of them in your team at any one time. If you are VIP2 or above you can have more but this could cost you around £5 or more.

As I mentioned above each character has a unique set of skills and traits that can be used to complete the missions.

The Skills







There are many different traits and each character has a unique mix of them.

They are things like:

Exobiology, Tactician, Inspiring, Explorer, Doctor, Counselor

There are many more which I will go into as I explore each of the different characters.

These traits can help a character when completing a mission task as it bumps their points up slighty if they have the right skill and trait that the task is looking for.


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