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Starcraft: Terrans, Zergs & Protoss

Updated on February 2, 2013
Communities and other places usually look similar to this since Starcraft is a real-time strategy game.
Communities and other places usually look similar to this since Starcraft is a real-time strategy game.

Introduction To Starcraft

For those of you that don't already know Starcraft is a fiction RTG game (real-time strategy). It is a online game only and can be played on either Mac or PC depending on the one that you prefer. Before going on to buy the game or anything be sure to check if your system meets the requirements. Now, the game takes place in the 21st century were Earth has become greatly overpopulated with undesirables such as failed experiments, mutants or vicious criminals. During this time humans have found out a way to move all of the rather "unnecessary" things to a different galaxy. During the creation of a perfect removal something goes terribly wrong resulting in all of humanity reaching the Koprulu Sector. There humans rebuild colonies and their own new government, but soon get in faction wars for who is the more dominant. Then the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg come in.

The Terran

The Terran are the humans of the future. They have all sorts of cool stuff like power armor, tanks with extremely long range accuracy, and space battle-cruisers that have incredibly powerful cannons. They are known to be the most easy of the three races to defend due to their tanks and bunkers. They also can make many of their buildings to fly to avoid unnecessary damage or capture. Sounds overpowered? Well if so, your not the first one to say that. However, let's talk about the other races.

The Zerg

These are the first aliens humans found. They are insect like creature that can adapt and evolve quickly. Even though they look of bugs, they are much more stronger and bigger. The smallest kind of soldier they have are the zergling, which are as big as a raptor and are as blood thirsty as one as well. They are exceptional at expanding and growing as they are spawned from larvae. This mean if a zerg army has a lot of saved larvae, they can muster up to 400 zerglings in 15 seconds, although this is impracticable as zerg armies usually don't have more than 50 eggs and there are more efficient means of using their resources such as building the ultralisk, which are creatures at least as big as 3 elephants and have about 1 foot of chitin that is as strong as steel. You should also note that zerg units are the cheapest to create.

The Protoss

These are the second race of aliens Terrans find. Actually, they found them blowing up a planet with zerg colonies as the two are in what seems to be a never ending war. They specailize in energy shields, psionic blades, laser weapons, and plasma cannons. They can easily take out the other races on a one to one battle because they are stronger and more durable than them. However, this is not the case however as the protoss are very expansive due to their equipment and a dying species due to war. They are considered the most powerful late in the game as that is when they can afford the most powerful and expensive units such as an archon, a very powerful warrior that can shoot lightling out of its hand and support a very, very heavy energy shield.

Starcraft Cover

The official cover of Starcraft.
The official cover of Starcraft.


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    • Larry khatra profile imageAUTHOR

      Larry khatra 

      5 years ago

      Yes i realize that I'm about to fix it right away

    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 

      5 years ago from Texas

      Good article. You copied the same information into the Protoss section as the Zerg. I don't think Protoss have eggs! Once you change the Protoss section this will be a nice short article that introduces people to Starcraft.

    • Spongy0llama profile image

      Jake Brannen 

      5 years ago from Canada

      Great introduction! I'm not really much of a gamer. I just don't dare to risk letting myself get addicted to anything like I got addicted to the sims a couple years ago... I just don't have the time!! Still, I might give this one a closer look, could be a good time.


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